Australian Hawkei Multi-purpose light armored vehicle with large eyes

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In 2010, Australia decided to develop a new 4 x 4 light armoured vehicle to replace the existing Land Rover armoured vehicle. Initially the new vehicle was positioned as a light armoured patrol vehicle, and later developed into a multi-purpose armoured vehicle weighing around 7 tonnes. The Hawkei Armoured vehicle.Hawkei’s basic layout is the same as hummer’s. A Turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engine named Steil M16 is installed in the engine compartment at the front of the vehicle. It can produce 268 horsepower and hold 200 liters of fuel.It drops to about 100 km/h at full load.The wheels are equipped with double fork arm independent suspension, and the vehicle’s off-road performance and other indicators will be consistent with the United States joint light tactical vehicles, which can also be seen from Australia’s departure from Britain to the United States embrace the change of thinking.Behind the engine compartment is the cockpit, passenger compartment and cargo compartment, and the vehicle is required to have a capacity of 3 tons to meet most of the transportation requirements for overseas deployments.Hawkei companies with two doors and four models, four-door version pay more attention to personnel transport capacity, its tail crate size is very small, but the larger interior space can accommodate more personnel and equipment, is more suited for command, reconnaissance, communications and other tasks, 2 door version has a longer case, can like pickup burden heavier transport tasks,Additional trailers can be fitted to Hawkei vehicles if necessary.The armored vehicle is also mine-resistant, with a V-shaped bottom, which is slightly higher than the NATO Level 1 standard. The Level 1 standard armor can withstand ordinary rounds of 5.56×45 mm and 7.62×51 mm from 30 meters away. The bottom of the vehicle can withstand the impact of ordinary grenades.Hawkei armored vehicles can also be fortified with additional armor.The front windshield of the armored vehicle is designed as a two-sided octagonal structure, as if wearing a pair of glasses, with a wide-eyed effect.The four-door version will be equipped with roof-mounted combat weapons, including the 7.62mm FN FAG58 machine gun, M2 heavy machine gun and 40mm grenade launcher. This is not a very strong weapon, not considering the small caliber guns, recoillless guns and other equipment, but the Australian army is fighting security battles with the US army.This basic configuration is sufficient for everyday needs.The 2-door version has an enlarged cab for a more comfortable working environment for the driver, and a 2-meter x 2.4-meter container at the rear of the hull is rated to carry 3 tons of cargo.The container size is not an arbitrary choice, it can accommodate 4 standard 1 m x 1.2 m pallets, or one Tricon container, which is a 1/3 size ISO container (6.058 x 2.438 x 2.591 m external dimensions).Australia itself is expected to buy more than 1,000 Hawkei vehicles, following an order from the Australian government in 2015 for 1,100 vehicles and 1,058 supporting trailers, which will be completed over the next few years.And Australia are confident that the car will be $2 billion of the international market share, though Poland has showed interest, but overall Hawkei vehicles probably won’t be as expected, not just in recent years many countries of the economic situation is not optimistic, even countries with purchase demand does not necessarily buy Australian goods, with some areas for the withdrawal of u. s. troops,Demand for new equipment from Australia’s jobless army has also weakened.