Illustration of “Linyi Elements” in 2022 Shandong Provincial Government Work Report

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In the Report on the Work of the New Year in 2022, the general requirements and main targets for economic and social development in 2022 are mentioned, covering a number of contents in Linyi. Let’s talk about it in the form of a picture and a talk.The airport terminal reconstruction and expansion project has a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan, covering an area of 427 mu, and a new terminal of 105,000 square meters, with an increase of 17 near-plane seats, which can meet the annual passenger throughput of 12 million person-times.According to the latest information, the entire project is expected to be completed by July 2023.Some people think that the airport is located in the hinterland of Hedong District, which restricts the development of Hedong District and even Linyi City. But on the other hand, it is more convenient for people to go to the airport, which is also a great benefit.Valvue believes that with the current expansion plan, moving the airport is out of the question in the short term.We hope that the airport expansion, as soon as possible to complete, improve the overall strength of Linyi, travel more convenient, faster, promote economic development.Valve sincerely hope that we all aspects of the situation are better, linyi people go out for a walk around.Ii. In terms of modern logistics network, 45 national logistics hubs will be built from 2019 to 2020, among which Linyi business service national logistics hub has been selected as the first batch of national logistics hub construction list.Linyi as the logistics capital of the north.We should take the construction of national logistics hub as an opportunity, seize the opportunity, break through development, detonate the economic and social construction of Linyi West city.The construction of Linyi International Land Port Smart Logistics Park is an important implementation plan for the construction of the national logistics hub of commercial service and the Comprehensive pilot zone of the Belt and Road.Valve learned that it plans to complete the construction of logistics headquarters base, application base and digital service center in phase II before 2025.After the completion of the project, the informatization of the park has reached 100% and the annual cargo throughput has reached more than 5 million tons.The park as a whole is not quite regular rectangular, northwest and southeast diagonal yanshi railway, east to G2 Beijing-Shanghai high-speed, as linyi logistics business hub.In 2022, the renovation project of Chuangye Road, located at the northern boundary of Wisdom Park, was started.The construction of Chuangye Road plays an important role in launching the smart Logistics park.Double houhou Reservoir construction is a provincial key project, which is listed in the comprehensive planning of Huaihe River Basin and is being steadily promoted.Located in Yinan County, the reservoir is a large-scale reservoir for flood control and water supply, irrigation and water ecological environment improvement.Valve can be seen, after the completion of flood peak reduction, alleviate downstream flood control pressure, at the same time to enhance linyi urban and surrounding people’s water supply security, optimize the allocation of water resources, for promoting economic and social development and water ecological environment restoration has an important role.The project is located in 双堠镇 Guozhuang Village, Yinan County, controlling a watershed area of 320 square kilometers with a total storage capacity of 162.25 million cubic meters. The project scale is large (2).At present, the water source of Linyi city, one is the bank reservoir of Mengyin, with a storage capacity of 749 million cubic meters, the second in the province, one is the Xujiaya reservoir of Feixian County, with a storage capacity of 292 million cubic meters, the ninth in the province.After the completion of Double Housea reservoir, the province ranks 20.5. Start construction of Old Residential areas and Shantytowns The total target for upgrading old residential areas in Shandong province is 671,000 and shantytowns are 76,000.Construction of 3,442 shantytowns in Linyi began, and 2,650 were basically completed.The new construction is mainly in Pingyi and Yishui.In recent days, various levels and localities have issued many policies to help the market.The next step is to focus on the reconstruction of old residential areas, to avoid large-scale demolition and construction, and the dividend of shantytown reconstruction in third – and fourth-tier cities is becoming less and less.Linyi as a non-first-tier city, the next step, the old community transformation is an important part of urban construction, which is also a manifestation of the new development model!Seventh, strengthen the national strategic emerging industry cluster linyi city first selected city, selected is the biological medicine industry cluster.The biological medicine that I linyi city does this is still quite good, must praise.As you can see, the planting and processing areas are mainly mountainous areas, mainly Lanling, Feixian, Pingyi and Mengyin, and the core area is in the three areas.The major bases of API production were in Tancheng and Linshu.Eight, the implementation of key areas such as Tai Yi Mountain area protection and restoration project Tai Yi Mountain area is lu Zhongshan district, for Linyi, Mengshan is our Linyi baby pimple.We should abandon the old idea of relying on people from different backgrounds.In the use of mountains to create more benefits at the same time, can not give our ancestors left the green mountains and clear water to corrupt.The so-called lucid waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains.To strengthen environmental protection, strengthen the maintenance of natural ecology.Some damaged natural ecology should be restored in time.9. Promoting the coordinated development of “a group of people with two interests and three circles”.Linyi city, as the main city of south Shandong economic circle, should play an important role.Actively contact the integration construction of the four cities in the southern Shandong economic circle, give play to the advantages of Linyi’s trade and logistics, docking the eastern Jiaodong economic circle, strengthen the connection with Rizhao, Qingdao, Weifang and other cities.Through Mengyin, Pingyi and other provincial capital metropolitan economic circle to establish effective links.Ten, support, river bank Mongolia old revolutionary base areas revitalization of the development of river bank Mongolia old revolutionary base areas mainly refers to the shandong interpretation of mountain, mengshan, more as the center of nanshan district in shandong area, including weifang linqu county, zibo city interpretation of source mountains, western mountainous area of rizhao city and all the districts of linyi, covers, weifang, zibo, linyi Tai’an City, jining and rizhao belong to more than 10 counties,The area covers a total area of 27,000 square kilometers.Yimeng revolutionary old area, Yihe New Area, this old and new, clearly reflects the historical inheritance and development of Linyi vitality.How to build Yihe New Area?We have a lot of samples, a lot of examples that can be used for reference, but it is more important to combine with our reality.Relying on the three national platforms of economic and technological Development Zone, comprehensive bonded zone and high-tech Development Zone, Yihe New Area must assume its due responsibilities.Facing south Shandong economic circle, facing Yangtze River Delta city group, actively docking with other three provincial development zones, playing a leading role, become a new engine of regional economy, long-term goal to strive to build a national new area.Building yimeng Red Culture Inheritance and Development Demonstration Zone Culture is the key to inheritance and development.Yimeng old area, as one of the three great Revolution old areas in China, is not as famous as Yan ‘an and Jinggangshan in some aspects, but our economic development is unique, and our red tourism is booming.Valuan thinks that how to inherit yimeng red culture well, pass on the fire from generation to generation, carry on the past and open up the future, to reach a higher level, is the problem that needs to be emphasized and practiced at present.Of course, these 12 items are not the only priorities for 2022.However, the theme work with obvious yimeng characteristics can be labeled as Linyi is unavoidable and welcome criticism.We can clearly see the recognition, encouragement and supervision of Linyi and Yimeng at all levels in the work report.Under the all-round and multi-angle joint promotion and promotion, linyi’s economic and social development will be better and better, and people’s life will be more and more happy.Valvue believes that our da Linyi will be more and more known, recognized and praised by the whole China and even the world.