Gome “New Year red envelope party” new gameplay, wool you pull?

2022-05-01 0 By

With the progress and development of The Times, people have unlocked more new contents when buying New Year’s gifts.For example, digital products, household appliances, household appliances and other small household appliances are becoming popular must-buy items in the New Year.To implement the national plan “difference”, to expand domestic consumption, enhance the vitality of market main body, promote regional consumption, fully meet the needs of citizens goodies for Chinese New Year with at the same time, gome electrical appliances this year on February 1 – on February 15, during the Spring Festival big promote hot start “spring sent the gome free win the year of the tiger red envelope” activities, share joy with you,Enjoy the good life of high quality.As a leader in the home appliance industry, Gome has prepared a series of great benefits for consumers through this red envelope activity.First of all, from February 1 to February 15, Gome electrical appliances will be crazy to spread red envelopes in the year of the Tiger. You can go to gome electrical appliances stores or directly log in to the small program, APP main station, play the “tiger machine” to win the “Year of the Tiger red envelope” for free, with the red envelope to enjoy the shopping discount.In addition, gome electrical appliances also prepared a “shopping blind box surprise” super welfare, in gome stores shopping full of 1000 yuan, to participate in the blind extraction box award, the highest win + fifty percent of the 100 yuan to buy small home appliance, is the so-called “you never know what is in selective box, but you are always full of hope”, this is the charm of blind box.The Spring Festival to promote service does not close Gome electrical appliances bring worry shopping experience is ease, during the Spring Festival travel to gome home appliance of choose and buy, consumer does not need to worry about delivery installation problem, because of gome electrical appliances service comprehensive upgrade, guarantee “the Spring Festival is not close” not only that, gome electrical appliances also introduced a “shop” service, innovationCommitted to solving the “last kilometer” problem, promised to deliver within 2 hours, the fastest half an hour.Under the concept of service first, Gome launched the flash store delivery service, which has realized the delivery of mobile phones, computers, digital products and small household appliances within 3-5 kilometers around the store, the fastest 30 minutes.In a word, Gome electrical appliances with the lowest price, the fastest logistics and the best service, for the majority of consumers to provide a full range of Spring Festival shopping protection.What are you waiting for?Head to the Gome store and join the shopping spree!