The Chinese national football team this world preliminary failed, by Lippi “cheat money” began!

2022-05-01 0 By

China’s national football team suffered another 2-0 defeat to Japan in the round of 12 of the Asian World Cup last night, meaning it is officially out of the World Cup qualifiers.In fact, as long as people who have watched Chinese football for decades can calmly accept this outcome, after all, no matter Li Tie or Li Xiaopeng, the level of national football is not only dependent on a coach can change.The national football team this world pre-failure, everything by once the national football coach Lippi “cheat money” began.After Lippi took over the Chinese national team again, the whole National football team has been surging.At that time, some media, some fans and even some unspeakable people are criticizing China coach Lippi for taking such a high salary, there is the suspicion of “cheating money”.Lippi, a proud man with a huge ego, resigned from China’s national football team after claiming that the loss to Syria in the Last 40 of the Asian World Cup reached its peak.In the press conference, repeated the intensity of their own do not want to “grab the money” Lippi, also almost excited to fall.It can be said that this session of national football players coached by Lippi, under the troubles of various factors, has not been as concerted and pure as the last session, there are various small thoughts.The players showed no fight, no guts, no desire and low morale.Lippi resigned on his own initiative, which was swiftly approved by the FOOTBALL association, and his replacement, Li Tie, adopted the slogan “Unity is iron”.Encourage or spur, is the hope that all the Chinese football players to unity, the goal of the World Cup in the first place.However, lippi period of naturalized player policy has let Li Tie, and even the FOOTBALL association do not know how to do.Especially when it comes to the final 12, they don’t reuse naturalized players, exposing the low strength of local players.When Aiksen, Luo Guofu, Alan at the same time in the field, the national team reflects the battle force is obviously greater than the effect of a single.Therefore, the national football coach Li Tie also in a fan, media Shouting since its short, was forced to resign!Li Xiaopeng, who had no intention of the national football Team, could only helplessly take over the mess left by Li Tie. However, at this time, the national football team was hopeless and the problem of naturalized players became more acute.In particular, the Chinese football team reporter Ma Dexing “broke the rules” Aiksen, said that he clearly refused the call of the Football Association, attracted numerous fans angrily scolded Aiksen not keep his word, ignited the naturalized player issue fuse.And later, know that aiksen does not come to the national football team is infected with the new coronavirus, it is temporarily calm everyone’s anger.However, due to the improper logistics of the National football Team, the naturalized player Luo Guofu made disrespectful remarks of the FOOTBALL Association through the “we media”, which once again triggered the discussion on the problems caused by naturalization. Some media even demanded that Luo Guofu be expelled from the national team.Finally, more long did not appear fernand due to family reasons half way back to Brazil, again absent from the national team this world preliminary competition.So frequent accidents of the National football team, the new national football coach Li Xiaopeng, is also a disaster.China’s 2-0 defeat to Japan, without a full complement of naturalised players, was also blameless.This session of the National football team although everyone said that the strength of the previous session to many weaker.But objectively speaking, the arrival of naturalized players has given many fans hope.As a result, the naturalized players did not have many opportunities to play together, and did not reflect the maximum strength of the National football team.To know, only hit a stage in the Super Aiksen, still ranked in the super scorer list second.As a result, he failed to score in the World Cup final 12.When Chinese football is no longer worldly, no longer selfish, no longer that small circle division, no longer narrow-minded, perhaps the national football team will have little hope of reaching the World Cup.