At 50, Sirami steps into her aunt’s generation, aging as fast as the naked eye can see

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The king of Thailand was not a diligent emperor. Most of his energy was devoted to his love life, sparing no effort to expand his harem.The girl here looks noble, but tasted all the ups and downs of the world, how the fate is all a word of king Maha.At 50, Sirami has stepped into her aunt’s generation and is aging at a speed visible to the naked eye.Once the most beautiful princess in Thailand, it is difficult to resist the erosion of time, Sirami’s presence in the royal family is becoming less and less.When she was young, Sirami was beautiful and had no problem with her harem appearance, horizontal ceiling.Thirteen years of marriage to Maha, devoted service to the royal family, ended with a split.Maha Vajiralongkorn’s frequent changes in his harem have something to do with his womanizing personality, and also give the public a glimpse of the most ruthless emperors.Young sirami looks outstanding, middle-aged fat and greasy directly out of favor, Thai king is really serious face control.Sirami has been recognized by the Thai people and has become a unique label of beauty and kindness.But time is the “pig knife”, the treatment of Sirami is extremely cruel, not only the family was broken mother and son separation, I was imprisoned for seven years.Now aged 50, Sirami has no problem being an auntie, and her features and figure have greatly changed.The stunning Sirami, who swayed in Thai dresses in her youth, has never looked the same.The Thai royal family imprisoned Sirami in a Temple in Chiang Mai, where he spent a miserable day growing vegetables and sweeping floors.It was only last year that sirami returned to the Royal Palace in Bangkok, and although the level of food, clothing, housing and transportation has been improved, his appearance level has not returned.Many media outlets followed up and published photos of Sirami dining at Ho Ai restaurant, looking aged without makeup.Suffering from years of high pressure, Sirami’s eyes are sunken and wrinkled, and she no longer has the charm of her youth.It is said that time does not forgive, the situation of the most beautiful princess Sirami is regrettable, from the first beauty to the prisoner, witnessed the ruthless imperial family.Sirami was now fifty years old, and no matter how well maintained she was, she was an aunt, and there was no chance of her returning to the arms of King Maha.In his last interview, Sirami, red-eyed and gaunt, fell from the pedestal.There is no denying that Sirami is aging as fast as the eye can see, and king Maha is behind it.Maha Vajiralongkorn is so pampered that even at the age of 79, he has never changed his mind.According to the statistics of The Thai media, the king’s concubines are young and beautiful, with an average age of only 20 years.Appearance level peak period of The West rami favor crown six palace, but now with the naked eye visible speed in the old, eat melon masses is really sigh.The level of appearance is what the concubines care most about. Sirami is getting older and older now, and with the gossip of the outside world, it is impossible to get back together with the King of Thailand.After so many years in captivity, Sirami had no expectations for marriage or life, just a peaceful future.King Maha likes young and beautiful concubines even when he is older, and it is less and less likely that former Princess Sirami will return to his favor.In particular, Queen Suthida was arbitrary and continued to consolidate her position after her coronation, not giving Sirami any chance to change.As soon as the mother and son stirred, Suthida sprang into action, releasing ugly photos of the former princess.Sirami is now an aunt’s age, and even with modern technology, she can’t regain her beauty.Instead of going back to the palace to fight for favor and suffer from anger, it would be better to stay in the royal garden to live a quiet life and wait for the opportunity to help his son.Maha Vajiralongkorn was clearly a society of appearance, and he set a high standard on the looks of his concubines.Especially after Tirapong ascended, even Sutida and Sinina felt the pressure, had to sigh with fear.For women from poor families, beauty is sometimes not just an advantage, but a disaster.When she was young, Sirami went astray. Even after marrying into the royal family, she changed her ways and was frequently attacked by rival lovers, which became the biggest stain on the Thai royal family.During this period of Thailand’s harem, the queen and the concubine desperately dressed themselves, is to let king Maha look up.In order to attract the attention of the King of Thailand, Suthida developed a “peach blossom makeup”, pink and tender back to the girlhood.Thai king treat west rami’s attitude is cold, with the appearance level decline has a lot to do with.At the beginning of the poem Nina from the release of news to return to the palace, only a short month of time, But not so good treatment.