Rule of three

2022-05-02 0 By

In life, I have a rule that there are no more than three things.Some of you may be laughing, because in Classical Chinese, three, six, nine and so on mean “much”.Good as far as possible to think three, but also know about the line;No more than two bad things, no more than three.Our life is limited, especially for us middle-aged and old friends, the rest of life is precious.No matter how successful our lives are, no matter how similar our lives are, etc., etc., there is one thing: we always solve one thing, move on to the next thing, and so on in the cycle of life.Such as study, work, life and love and so on, we always solve a problem, or overcome a problem, or get a problem, we go to meet, or treat the next problem.But some people are not like this, so they are doomed to failure in life.It was a problem that remained unsolved, or difficult to solve, over and over again in his life.So what to do?It comes down to fate.And what is life?In fact, it is more about your thoughts and your actions. To put it this way, what you think is what you do, or what you say and do, and what you do is what you end up with, which is the trajectory of your life.So thinking is very important, so how do you improve your thinking?Learning.Direct and indirect experience are the main sources.Lu Xun once said, “There is no road ahead, but when more people walk, it becomes a road.”