Can you sleep at night after killing so many people?

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His father was the executioner, and his father was Sanson.Well, Henry Sanson was forced to leave school at the age of 14 because his father recognized another student’s parent when he was enrolling him.The student’s parents are said to have turned pale with fear and claimed that if Sanson remained at the school, his child would have to leave.So Sanson, who lived in Paris, had to be sent to study in ruhr.Everyone knew that Sanson’s father was an executioner, and there was no one who was not frightened out of his wits by his family background, not because they were rich and powerful, but because they had been executioners for generations and their profession was to cut off heads.In fact, not only his father, but also his family had been executioners in Paris since the 17th century for six or seven generations.Generations of parents had hoped their children would not take up the profession, and yet all of them fell into it by chance.Henri Sanson was no exception.Henry was a medical student, but when he came of age, he went to the guillotine to support his family.The first person he beheaded was an assassin who was trying to kill the emperor, this time in the service of his uncle, who praised him for being a natural for the job.Also this time, his uncle retired honorably.”Boy, quick work. You’re cut out for it.”Having been found to have a talent for this, Sanson became more and more interested in the profession.He’s killing more and more people.By the age of forty, he was the chief executioner of Paris, and was easily awarded the blood-coloured cloak of honor.For this reason, he became the most popular executioner of Louis XVI., and he disposed of numerous prisoners for the Emperor without changing his countenance.Even though he worked and killed every day, he was calm, or almost numb.But he didn’t like killing people. It was just a job for him.And he had the added advantage of being the executioner, which was the right to dispose of the dead, and for a medical man, disposing of dead bodies, dissecting them, was one of his passions.Of course, he also has a hobby is to grow flowers and grass, he would make his garden very beautiful, very colorful.And of course he loved the violin. Every day, after he had killed someone, he would go home and make a cup of hot tea and play the violin in the garden.By the time Henry was 50, Henry’s life had taken a turning point.In 1789, the Revolution broke out in France and Louis was overthrown, so Henry, who had been handling prisoners for Louis, now had an even bigger problem.He must finish the emperor Louis XVI himself.At this time his heart is really suffering incomparable, he really dare not start.”Do you know, Your Majesty, that I want to end eight hundred years of history?Have you anything to say?””You shut up and do your job.”Louis XVI, the emperor, finally showed his last dignity as an emperor.In this way, Henry completed his historic mission, and his hand ended the reign of the Louis monarchy.In order to kill more efficiently and carry out the task, he also called for the construction of a new guillotine, so that the execution of the task could be more efficient and accurate, and the prisoners could suffer less, so he recommended his good friend, the instrument maker, to make a new guillotine.In addition to killing Louis XVI, Henry was beheaded by him is really countless, in addition to danton, Lobos and other famous historical figures, from 1789 to 1796 he cut off 2,918 people’s heads.In 1795, at the age of 56, he retired and was succeeded by his son.A year later, he officially retired.Can you sleep at night? Napoleon asked him.If the emperor, the minister can sleep, that I a executioner how can not sleep?For Henry, chopping people was just a profession, although he chopped countless people, but he did not enjoy killing people, it was just a craft he supported his family, as to whether his descendants will continue his profession, it is up to time.