Guangshan County: Railway Station management committee “one village, one police company” for the masses to travel safely escort

2022-05-04 0 By

Image net news (the elephant news reporter Wu Yanfei correspondent Jin Zhengyi Peng Guoshan) night, February 6, the guangshan county snow weather, the county railway station the ac active play to the “one village one warning for” linkage mechanism, quick action, backbone militias, staff, and the area, a total of more than 20 people, the police to clear snow on the station square, convenient for passengers getting on or off.Everyone with shovels, brooms and other tools in the railway station square, snow clearing, shovel snow, and carry industrial salt to the entrance of the railway station, the station square and steps and other areas for rapid snow melting.Through the joint efforts of everyone, the hidden danger of frozen road surface in front of the railway station was quickly eliminated, and a good cleaning order was maintained, which provided a strong guarantee for the safe travel of passengers.(Xinyang News hotline: 0376-6880376, email: “Elephant Escort Office” of tel: 180 0371 9699)