Octuplets mother celebrates her eight children’s 13th birthday in a slightly magical way

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I wonder if you still remember Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets in Los Angeles.Nadya, 46, fathered six children by ivf after a failed marriage at a young age and then gave birth to octuplets in the same way at the age of 33 while unmarried and unemployed.Over the years, she has been the subject of considerable controversy for this act.Only recently, the mother and her children have been brought up again in the media.Only then did people discover that the octuplets had already ushered in their 13th birthday!The children grew up before they knew it.Nadya’s move is controversial because even before the birth of her eight children, medical advice suggested that quadruplets were the limit of a person’s biological capacity, and that women over 30 should have no more than two embryos at a time.Because multiple embryos are more vulnerable for health reasons, twins are 12 times more likely to be born prematurely, 16 times more likely to be underweight and five times more likely to suffer respiratory complications.What’s more, eight fetuses like this struggle to use the usual supply of a fetus’s nutrition, it is likely to lead to every fetus can not reach the normal level of development!It wasn’t legal to stop Nadya from doing what she did, but even before the baby was born, she was roundly criticized online.Some called her a crazy person who would do anything to start a family, others derided her as “a heartless mare” and magazines accused her of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to emulate her idol, Angelina Jolie, while she was a single mother on food stamps.Not only did the words come out worse than each other, but some opponents held a small protest outside her house, and even issued death threats to her!Nadya, however, has made the decision to go ahead and have the octuplets despite all the criticism and abuse.As an only child, she longed to have a big family since she was a child.She said she intended to have twins during her last pregnancy, but the California medical board found that her ivf doctor, Michael Kamrava, had implanted 12 embryos into her body.The octuplets led the California medical board to consider Kamrava’s practices “grossly inconsistent” with the standard of care, and ultimately voted to revoke his medical license…Nadya, who wanted to have another set of twins, decided to have six more children because she felt responsible for them.She finally gave birth to six boys and two girls in January 2009 after a frantic caesarean section involving 46 medical staff.Although they all weighed between 1.5 pounds and 3.25 pounds, they all survived. The group of “world’s oldest octuplets” broke a human limit and became a medical miracle.After the birth, the hospital held a press conference and Nadya made headlines. She was even given the name “Octomom”.But there’s another reason Nadya is so controversial besides risking her life to give birth to octuplets — she’s already raising six children without a job or income, living in her parents’ house and receiving welfare payments.She was given $490 a month in food stamps for her six children, plus an additional $700 or so in unemployment benefits for her three disabled children.After the octuplets were born, her monthly food stamps and welfare payments would double.Some believe Nadya is taking advantage of a “loophole” in the state’s welfare system by hijacking taxpayers’ money to help her raise her child.However, even with government subsidies and assistance, it is still far from enough to make the family’s life better. After all, the cost of raising more than 10 children is there, and it is difficult to survive without other income.Nadya has taken advantage of her recent headlines to star in various reality shows and commercials with her children, earning around $250 a day per child.She later lost earnings after fading out of the media spotlight because she was accused of overworking babies on camera.Suddenly outside lost “earn some quick money” economic source, there are 14 mouth at home every day waiting for dinner, she had to start to take nude photos and perform striptease way to earn income to support the family!There was even a brief foray into porn acting, appearing in an adult movie under the label Octomon!Three years later, after being slapped down by her agent for contractual reasons and feeling her daughter’s bad behavior, Nadya decided to return to her family.Fortunately, she was originally a graduate of California State University in the United States, excellent educational background so that she found a psychological counseling job for vulnerable women within a month.Now the mother of 14 gets up at 5am to prepare breakfast for her children, get them ready for school and rush to work after dropping them off at four different schools.At the end of the day, I had to run to school to pick up the kids, get dinner ready, wash them two by two, and then clean the house and do the housework.Now for Nadya, a weekly “two-hour nap” is the only time she can heal herself…Nadya, who now focuses more on her children, is definitely a mom, not only shedding the Octomom label, but also turning the family controversy into a blessing.She now takes the kids to family events like outings to the park and family parties at the backyard pool.Last year, the family had a great time with Nadya’s Halloween makeup. The kids were so grateful that they each made a special gift for Nadya on Mother’s Day.As Nadya celebrated the octuplets’ 13th birthday the day before yesterday, she posted a heartfelt message on social media.”Happy Birthday to Nariyah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Jeremiah, Noah, Josiah, Jonah and Makai!Words cannot express how grateful I am to be your mother. You have all made my life so much better, and I am thankful every day that God trusted me to take care of and shape you children.”And on her birthday, she took the kids to the park for most of the day.Then I took them to the bowling alley in the evening, and I could see that these kids have really grown up, and they are all in good shape. I hope this family will get better and better, and the kids will live a happy life and grow up healthy!