Chien Ka Lok tang ying Ying took a family photo with her daughter to celebrate the New Year

2022-05-06 0 By

This year’s Spring Festival is coming, I believe many netizens have gathered at home with their families to celebrate the New Year.Chien ka Lok and Tang Ying Ying also spent time at home with their two daughters, Posting a warm New Year photo of their family of four.At the same time, other family members also posted the activities of writing and pasting Spring Festival couplets at home to welcome the New Year.Tang and Chien bonded while working together on TVB and are now a loving couple with two daughters.Tsien now focuses on film, while Tang continues to work at TVB.The couple haven’t worked together for many years, but recently Chien rarely returned to the nest for a guest appearance, and the couple rarely played together again.Because of his focus on the big screen, Chien often travels for work and instructs chien’s martial artists.His wife, Tang Yingying, posted a photo of their two cute daughters on social media, one taking after their father and the other their mother.As for ordinary outside all the time is tough guy style he also is to show a smile, looking at very sweet.In one of the photos, there are orange trees in the background, presumably to see the flower market.They had work to do on New Year’s Eve. Tang’s older brother was a master calligrapher and had written all the family couplets.Then their couple’s daughter and adults stick couplets together, a big family eat reunion dinner, and then stick couplets together, chat and so on, I believe that night their New Year atmosphere is very strong ah.Just don’t know whether Qian Jiale’s brother Qian Xiaohao took his family to attend?