Thousands of lights, flashing lights, dongpo public security protection of peace

2022-05-12 0 By

On New Year’s eve the night lights in the whole city is reunion reunion happy this night Yu Dongpo police are peace is holding is giving New Year’s eve festival dongpo police maintain stability of the high grade service to protect jurisdiction on January 31, 72 of total inventory of all kinds of key sites, quarantine personnel 1483 people, 667 vehicles can, safe hidden trouble of the February 12,Road traffic hidden danger 13, persuaded 283 cases of minor traffic violations, confiscated all kinds of fireworks 135 groups, 271 crackers.Take a look at how police spend New Year’s Eve!▼ ▼ ▼ patrol, stability ChuTu fulfill his duties Keep a stable against investigated and hidden trouble reset to hunt down the bat Keep a safe traffic bao chang, road persuasion of rectifying violations A safe New Year’s eve, sympathised with the masses interregional synergy warm January 30, the New Year’s eve party and, zizhu patrol police station in meishan station when he found a 82 – year – old,And the elderly with alzheimer’s disease and family lost contact, patrol police in the verification to determine the identity of the elderly, and the residence of the police station contacted, and on New Year’s Eve drove more than 100 kilometers to send the elderly home reunion.If you are safe, we wish you good luck in the year of the tiger.Source: Dongpo Public Security