In Manchester United’s 4-2 rematch against Leeds, sometimes tactics don’t work and a brave heart can win

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United came away with three points at Elland Road, and although Leeds are not strong enough to sit 15th in the Premier League, despite conceding two second-half goals to equalise, the spirit of the game may give united something to gain in the coming games.It was rangnick’s 15th game in charge and united were unbeaten in seven away games, winning two in a row for only the second time, and the first time they were able to win with a clean sweep after an equaliser.The game in this rainstorm affected many tactical Settings, and even more affected the technical performance of the players. In the case of relying more on the ball and the ability to fight, the courage and determination can determine the trend of the game.Starting roster:Lagarde league starting for the first time, Lin lang Nick go against strong soldiers cavani continues to hurt the lack of united have to continue to use, 37, cristiano ronaldo as starting center, doomed in this with the body fight game, in addition to united’s offense indispensable sancho, Bruno fernandes, lang Nick on top of other position to send all the players good at physical confrontation,Wambisaka returns to the right wing and Lingard gets his first league start for two years.Before the game, Rangnick said Leeds were quick to move forward and united needed to guard against them.United’s deployment is very obvious, is the use of physical confrontation, flanking back to disrupt Leeds attack rhythm.In the second half Leeds got better, but it was mike who made a couple of ferocious tackles that interrupted Leeds’ forward lunge and made a physical challenge against Leeds’ smart attack.United’s defensive: centre-back premise of double waist lang Nick is very interesting in the game using the defensive tactics, positional warfare in Leeds to midfield, lang Nick adopted more closer to 3232 defensive stance, differs from the more defensive midfielder last season, united’s sinking between double centre-half, lang Nick in the opposite direction, let centre-back premise to lower back area.As you can see below, this was more of united’s first-half tactics.Maguire and Lindelof took turns at the defensive position to help mike with the small coverage, lindelof was responsible for the protection of the backside when Maguire, luxshaw, Wambisaka more protection of the rib area.Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba had to fill the space between centre-backs and full-backs when United fell into the penalty box and, as you can see in the chart below, united rarely managed to get through their ribs.When the Leeds players ran forward, every Leeds player had a Manchester United player on his side to mark and cover them and prevent them from getting through space again, almost in man-to-man defence.This defense also directly led to the two sides of the body contact is very frequent, the whole game 19 fouls, Leeds 13 fouls, the two sides accumulated 32 fouls, an average of 3 minutes to stop a game.United’s attack:Play centre-back bungalows lang Nick clearly conducted in-depth research for Leeds united, Leeds have adopted 4141 formation on the surface, but they are also more close to the 3232 position, below the average of the is the game Leeds united stance figure, obviously Leeds 21 players side is the lack of protection, this will become the focus of the united attacking target.As a result, the vast majority of united’s 24 passes into the penalty area were to Leeds’ right flank area, either long over the top from the right or wide from the left, with an emphasis on the under-protected flanks of the centre-backs and space behind them.However, more of united’s shots were scored from the left, and three of their four goals were scored from the left. Manchester United carried out a more detailed cooperation inside the penalty area in this game. After entering the penalty area, they did not rush to shoot, but compressed Leeds’ defense, allowing Leeds’ full-backs to collect inside.And then through the cross, diagonal pass to the other side of the team after the goal.Bruno Fernandes’ header, for example, came from sancho’s grip on the right flank that compressed the opposition defence and Bruno Fernandes stepped in to score.But United also exposed their own shortcomings in attack, lacking a centre-forward presence, with Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes not being aggressive enough to get forward.Pogba would have been much more effective if he had moved closer to Cristiano Ronaldo instead of waiting for Wampisaka to go forward for a 2-1 try.Shoot-to-blast: the way a rainy day changes tactics is not as subtle as the weather.After the match, Maguire lamented that it was bad weather and that it was an old-school game.How do you define an old-school game?Frequent sprints, frequent physical confrontation, the game both sides of the players fell more than 30 times, many players fell without foul blowing, a game full of hormones need passion and a blood brave to win the game.Leeds made 72 counter-tackles, counter-tackles all over the pitch;United made 65 counter-attempts and the area beyond the centre of midfield was heavily covered.The two sides added up to a total of nearly 150 counter-rob, almost 1 minute counter-rob 2, the ball changed hands quickly can be seen.This case, any tactical arrangements are useless, game formation was directly fragmented, what’s more, the ground wet on rainy days, football heavier, passing accuracy affected, Leeds only 76% passing rate of only 72% passing rate, Manchester united, this in the game Manchester united this season is relatively low.The solution was to break up the game with the ball and move forward bravely, which is why United brought on Fred and Iranga in the second half.Leeds only succeeded 5 times in 17 passes, is the success of Manchester United, especially Manchester United’s Maguire, small Mike turn speed of Manchester United;However, Manchester United succeeded 15 of the 26 times, which was the key to win the game. Only by breaking through the opponent’s first layer of pressure, the team could gallop in a wide area and form a situation of playing more and less in the front field.Bruno Fernandes, for example, made two passes in succession to set up Elanga’s goal.Conclusion: the tactics of this game are not worth praising, after all, too many factors affect the structure of tactics.But Manchester United showed courage, courage and confrontation, which has been missing this season. United, who are used to being turned over by opponents, were able to come back from the shock of two goals in a minute and win the game, which is more important than the victory itself.