Joint engine 7 | 300000 budget to buy suvs, these three how should choose?

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Hello, this is United Engines, a small auto media company teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.Happy New Year, everyone.I believe that everyone got this year’s year-end bonus during the Spring Festival, and received a lot of red envelopes.Everyone has their own plan for how to spend year-end bonuses and red envelopes.Many people consider buying a new car during this time to improve their daily travel conditions and quality of life.As we all know, every year around the New Year is the peak season to buy cars, manufacturers will also give a small New Year’s discount, it is a good time to buy cars.Volkswagen ID.6CROZZ As an overseas traditional brand, Volkswagen is one of the fastest car companies to respond to the electrification transformation.Since Volkswagen ID. Series entered the Chinese market, thanks to brand reputation, the sales volume is also gradually increasing.Volkswagen ID.6CROZZ, as the flagship model of the CURRENT ID. Series, has a market guide price of 2398-334,800 yuan.Since Volkswagen ID. Series entered the Chinese market, the brand models also show distinct family design style, and are more energetic and younger than traditional fuel models in appearance.Although the ID.6Crozz is positioned as a medium and large SUV, it still gives people a good sporty and fashionable sense under the flat vehicle size.In terms of power, ID.6CROZZ provides consumers with four ranges of 439/516/565/586km, and the maximum power is 132/230/150KW respectively, among which the 516km version adopts four-wheel drive layout.At present, among the 7 models sold by Volkswagen ID.6CROZZ, the most worthy of recommendation is the long-endurance PRO version. Compared with the long-endurance PURE+ version, there are more 11 configurations, such as three-zone automatic air conditioning, AR HUD display, 12-direction electric seats in the front row, and 360° panoramic image, while meeting the basic needs of 7 seats.It is the most practical one in the ID.6CroZZ series.Lynk 0909 as lynk motor established 5 years of work, in the case of positioning the family flagship models, the new car and Volvo XC90 was born from the same SPA architecture.At present, LYNk 09 provides consumers with two power models: fuel and hybrid, and the market guide price of the fuel version is 2659-329,900 yuan.In terms of appearance, lynk 09 is positioned as a medium and large SUV, so it mainly meets the visual requirements of grand luxury.The front face is converted to a large straight waterfall type intake grille, with both sides of the near and far light source, effectively improve the vehicle’s horizontal visual experience.In terms of power, lynk 09 adopts 2.0t +48V light hybrid, with a maximum power of 187kW, a peak torque of 350N·m and an acceleration of 8s over 100km.Of the five current lynk 09 fuel models available, there are actually Pro, Halo and Ultra versions.The most cost-effective version is the Halo seven-seater, which is 20,000 yuan more expensive than the Pro, but with more comprehensive driver assistance system and seat comfort, it can better meet consumers’ demand for high-quality vehicles.Highlander as one of the flagship models of Toyota, Highlander’s positioning in the same model can be said to be a model, as long as any model with some strength will try to challenge Highlander.At present, Toyota sells Highlander at a market price of 258,800 to 348,800 yuan.The main product highlights of the fourth generation highlanda are the introduction of TNGA 2.5L hybrid version for the first time, which is equipped with the new E-Four electronic four-wheel drive system, the fourth generation enhanced THS II Toyoda hybrid system, as well as the standard LED headlights and automatic air conditioning.In terms of power, under the background of new energy, all the blockbuster models launched by Toyota at the present stage only retain the 2.5L hybrid version, with the maximum power of 141kW and peak torque of 238N·m.At present, among the 9 models sold by Toyota Highlander, the most recommended model is the 2022 two-engine 2.5L two-drive Distinguished edition. As the top-matching model of two-drive, it can better meet the needs of consumers under the condition that it is equipped with Toyota essence configuration.Of course, if you are a northern user, you can choose a four-wheel drive system.The above three products are recommended for New Year car purchase today. Please continue to pay attention to United Engine for more content.