Stable low noise electric lifting table, bearing 125KG

2022-05-18 0 By

Often to work sitting in front of the computer to sort out information, is a busy day, almost without leaving the station, keep sitting position for a long time feel backache backache, often want to go to massage, massage is a risk, however, in order to make myself from sedentary bring pain recently with a stunningly gen slow steady low noise electric lift table, saved my body.The table is made of lightweight iron sandwich plate environmental protection table, the surface texture and wood is very close, the workmanship is very good, the net bearing capacity has reached 125kg, about the bearing capacity can reach 7 barrels of water is no problem, of course, it is no problem to sit, so you can rest assured that the bearing capacity of the lifting table.Jicchuang Leisurely stable low noise electric lifting table configuration is a double motor formal three lifting legs, three legs down the design of the lifting range to achieve.62-127cm, suitable for children and adults, standing or sitting.It can be turned into a tea table when it is used to the lowest extent.Standing office can be realized when you rise to about 90cm. You can switch between standing office and sitting office.Set touch buttons and display height OF the LED screen on the side of the table, press the add or subtract key can directly control the motor to adjust the height, can also preset three levels of height memory, according to their daily habits preset adjustment of comfortable height, one button to achieve free switch between two levels, so as to improve work efficiency.Very gen leisurely product steady low noise electric lift table can be automatic leveling table after handling can lead to the desktop, if the need for human adjustment will be a waste of time, smooth and gen this product extremely low noise electric lift table is easy to use, just press the down key can be reset, and hold the button, wait until the bottom is pressed again after 5 seconds, start to reset,This time the desktop has been adjusted to level, adjust to their own height can be normal office, this function I also like, feel very practical.In actual use process, and this article steady low noise electric lift table and not for lifting and produce too much noise, see the product introduction below 50 decibels of noise, sound little personal experience, life will not cause distress, and elevating voice is very smooth, fast, completely don’t have to worry about office use will make so much noise at night to the family.The most intimate function or if an accident in the process of lifting regulation can trigger blocked back, very gen leisurely product steady low noise electric lift table of six axis built-in sensors, ensure that the table after have bearing encounter obstacles can stop in time, not very sensitive reaction, response quickly, can in time to avoid hit the chair, table, etc.Down the overall use of experience is very good, sit tired at any time change the posture, let’s get rid of the neck problems, both environmental deformation on the material and the function of blocked return, sedentary remind, memory is very sweet very practical, five years warranty time also let people use more rest assured, if a friend has shoulders, neck and spine problems might as well change a computer automatic lifting table.