Tell the story of Tianjin in Chinese

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The students speak Chinese and tell Chinese stories in Chinese.Yin Li, outstanding student of Mombasa-Nairobi Railway, a landmark cooperation project of Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi.International students in Tianjin Normal University pay close attention to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games every day.At the 14th International Seminar on Chinese Language Teaching held by the World Association for Chinese Language Teaching, representatives of scholars from different countries exchanged views with each other.International students are learning the rich and colorful traditional Chinese culture.At the 14th International Seminar on Chinese Language Teaching held by the World Association for Chinese Language Teaching, participants left wonderful moments.In Tianjin Normal University, these days, international students from all over the world have been paying close attention to the grand event of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, especially the Chinese cultural connotation contained in the opening ceremony, which has become a hot topic of discussion among international students.Li Bai’s poem, “Yanshan snow as big as mat, pieces of blowing down the shaft platform.”It has also become a famous sentence that everyone recites.”Zhe ge Bing Dundun(Bing Dundun) tai ke ai le……”During a break from watching the games, the international students from Kenya, Thailand, India, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Cameroon, Madagascar and other countries in the normal University are holding up “Bing Dwen Dwen” on drawing paper and reading new sentences in Pinyin over and over.In recent years, The Chinese language craze has swept the world.”The whole world is speaking Chinese” is more than just a lyric.The Chinese language is building a bridge between the world and China.Confucius Institutes have also become an important platform for the world to understand China.On the way of promoting Chinese culture to go out, tianjin normal university to “friendship, cooperation, development and win-win” for the idea, the construction of the four Confucius institutes and an independent Confucius classrooms, for international exchanges and cooperation “professional” and “professional” for the working standard, in “outstanding practical” for the international Chinese education teaching characteristic,We will actively explore new measures and paths in the form of “Chinese + minor languages”, “Chinese + TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine” and “Chinese + vocational education”, jointly create a good environment for international Chinese education with foreign partner institutions, and promote the integration of Chinese language and culture into the mainland and into the world.Since 2004, 972 outstanding students have been sent to 49 countries to serve as international Volunteer Chinese teachers, which has become a shining name card of sino-foreign exchanges.Also recently, tianjin normal university, in the form of combination of online successfully held the world of Chinese teaching to the 14th international Chinese teaching seminars, international experts and scholars in the field of Chinese education from around the world 1400 people sign up to attend, both at home and abroad online live audience of 38000 people, all kinds of publicity reading totaled 7 million,Through vivid educational practices, we will tell the story of Tianjin well and build a good image of China.(Photo by Reporter Gu Yue)