Chinese Winter Olympic Team debut show!Curling mixed doubles team at icecube track;A picture of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Chinese team watch | night reading

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Tomorrow weather is currently precipitation echo east, affected by this, Shencheng will have light rain or light sleet weather, tomorrow cloudy sometimes light rain or light sleet, northeast wind level 3-4, temperature in 3~7℃, relative humidity 60%-95%.It’s still a cold day to the bone, so please wear more clothes.Controlled by the northwest airflow behind the trough, the fourth to sixth day of the city will be mainly cloudy weather, sunshine will return, the temperature is 1~8℃, everyone pay close attention to washing and drying!Wang Zhenyi, a renowned hematologist, changed the therapy of “killing tumor cells by damaging normal cells” and guided tumor cells to “discard evil and return to normal”, making acute promyelocytic leukemia the first tumor that can be cured.In order to save more people, he gave up applying for a patent, a box of medicine only 290 yuan, and has been covered by medical insurance.”I just want the patient to get well,” he said.The fire rescue bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management and the people’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region honored two firefighters who died in a fire on Feb. 2 as martyrs.On January 31, a fire broke out in a private sofa production workshop in Laotun village bureau of Gugan Village in Hechi City, Guangxi province, leaving seven people trapped.In the search and rescue process, the scene of flasmogen, O ‘Paul, Wejid were seriously injured, after the rescue ineffective, heroic sacrifice.The seven people who were rescued survived.Beijing’s 281st press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control was held on February 2.According to liu Xiaofeng, deputy Director of The Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, from 16:00 on February 1 to 16:00 on February 2, there were 3 new local confirmed COVID-19 cases in The city, all of which came from control personnel.His residence involves Fengtai District and Daxing District.There were no new infections associated with the omicron variant.A new case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Huizhou, Guangdong province, according to the huizhou Health Bureau.Zheng, female, 25 years old, is a close contact of Chen, a case reported in Shenzhen on January 31. She now lives in Liude Village, Pingshan Street, Huidong County.Tonight!China’s Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi compete against Switzerland’s Yanni Perrett and Martin Rios during the curling mixed doubles round-robin match at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 2, 2008.Li Lingshu is the international technical officer of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and China’s first deputy curling timekeeper.She represents the first time for Chinese curling judges to attend the Olympic Games.In addition, Li lingshu is also an associate professor and master’s supervisor of the Physical Education Department of Shanghai International Studies University. She is a pretty figure both on campus and outside.She has made her unique contribution to ice and snow sports in China on behalf of Shanghai.On the first day of the lunar New Year, Shanghai residents have a new place to exercise and keep fit.February 1, xujiahui sports Park comprehensive pavilion “Wantihui” opened part of the trial operation.By the evening of New Year’s Eve, all venues have been booked up until Feb 6, as more and more Shanghai residents choose to start the New Year in a healthy way.Ukraine is a tool for the United States to achieve its goals, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a news conference on Sunday after meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.The United States is not that concerned with Ukraine’s security, and its primary goal is to contain Russia’s development.The United States could draw Russia into armed conflict by bringing Ukraine into NATO and deploying strike weapons, provoking Ukrainian nationalists into an armed solution in Donbas or Crimea, and then forcing its European Allies to impose extremely tough sanctions on Russia.Today’s broadcast is over here, liberation Lord and you meet tomorrow!Wechat edited by Tani Proofread by Huisong