Li Xiaopeng: away to Japan do not have the burden of hope to play some of their own characteristics

2022-05-24 0 By

Tokyo, January 26 (Xinhua) — China’s men’s national football team will play away against Japan in the seventh round of group B of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Regional Qualifying Round in Tokyo, Japan on January 27.Li Xiaopeng, head coach of The Chinese national team, said at the pre-match press conference on Saturday that there was no need to bear too much burden against The Japanese team, hoping that the team could focus on itself and play its own characteristics.”All the players don’t have to carry too much burden against Japan, the number one team in Asia. I hope they can settle down and get into the game.Tactically we will focus on ourselves and hopefully play some of our own characteristics.”Li Xiaopeng said.This will be li Xiaopeng’s first official match as the head coach of China National Team, he said: “as a head coach, I will try my best to instill my understanding of football into the players and play a wonderful game.As for the final score, it depends on the improvisation of both players.”Wu, along with naturalized players Jiang Guangtai, Luo Guofu and Alan, only returned to the team in recent days and took part in only two or three training sessions.Li Xiaopeng introduced that these players are in good physical condition and competitive condition. In addition to luo Guofu, who is banned from the game, the other three players can play normally tomorrow.”The naturalized players’ willingness to travel far and wide to play shows their love for the team and their desire to help Chinese football.”With four rounds of the round of 12 remaining, China is fifth in the group with five points from one win, two draws and three losses, and needs to pick up points against Japan to keep its hopes of qualifying.Li xiaopeng stressed: “The Chinese team now has a glimmer of hope, tomorrow all tactics around the retention of hope to make.”In the first leg, The Chinese team lost 1-0 to its opponent.”The last match against Japan is behind us and we will focus on tomorrow’s match,” said China captain Wu Xi.Hopefully, we can put the burden behind us and have a good match with a relaxed attitude.”At the press conference, Japan team head coach Mori said that li Xiaopeng did not know too much: “I only know that he previously in Wuhan team coach.As for how he will play as national coach, we are not quite sure.Compared to the last meeting, China’s style of play may change and they may choose to be more aggressive.For us, it’s about trying to take control of the offense and bring out the strength we have in training.”The absence of two of Japan’s key central defenders, Masayya Yoshida and Kenyo Fuan, through injuries has affected the team but will not dent their determination to win, Moriboichi said.”It’s a pity they won’t be playing and there will be new players in their places.I hope they have the confidence to play in the national team. Japan has a lot of good players.””We want to win at home to have a direct chance of qualifying for the World Cup.The players are doing their best and preparing well.””Moriboichi said.