Reading “White Deer Plain” again, I realized that the glory of Bai Jiaxuan’s life was hidden in three things done by xiancao

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The woman undressed.In the light of the red candle, the fair face and bare skin shone with an inviting sheen.A fire rises out of Bai Jiaxuan’s heart, and the desire of men is instantly ignited.He could not help reaching out his hand. Suddenly, several sticks tied to the red rope around the woman’s waist caught his attention. He asked: What’s with this?The woman said without looking back, “Fight ghosts.”Bai Jiaxuan was like a ladle of cold water, just swept away the passion.This is the seventh wedding night of Bai Jiaxuan, the first six wives are married to him in less than a year of time, or illness or strange death, the spread of his body ominous, life hard wife legend.Before his seventh marriage, he tried every means to change his feng shui.Later, “Bai Jiaxuan attributed the prosperity of people and wealth to the removal of graves.”In fact, Bai Jiaxuan did not understand all his life: his glory is not in “moving the grave”, the so-called “feng shui”, are hidden in the last house daughter-in-law Xiancao for him to do three things.Before Xiancao, Bai Jiaxuan had been married six times.Six wives inexplicable death, let the white deer on the people began to point to Bai Jiaxuan.A daughter of the family, are not willing to let his daughter marry him to become the next “victim”.Bai Jiaxuan himself is also very distressed, he thinks his feng shui is not good, hard life, not only killed the sixth daughter-in-law, but also killed his father.He desperately wanted to change his “feng shui”, so, after accidentally discovering that the slow slope of lu’s home may have hidden secrets, he tried his best to do the black sheep in the eyes of outsiders, in his life is the only “shady business” : to exchange good land for bad land.He follows the instructions of Yin-yang to “place the bones of his dead father in a geomantic place for the white deer spirits to nourish.”Still, he was nervous.Because “it is very difficult to find a woman up and down White Deer Plain now, and cannot accept ten times more than ten times the asking price.”However, when the shopkeeper wu proposed to marry five women to him, Bai Jiaxuan said loudly, “Uncle Wu can never do that!I can’t bear to have my fifth sister happen to me.You can buy me any one in the mountains, as long as it can carry on the white family line…”Photos from the Internet, a sentence reveals bai jiaxuan’s relationship with his first six daughters-in-law.He had no feelings for them. In Bai jiaxuan’s mind, they were just bought for bai’s family to carry on the family line. Therefore, when they died, he did not shed a drop of tears or feel sad.He agreed with his mother, “A woman is just paper pasting a window, broken, torn off and put a new layer.”However, Xiancao is different from the six women.Bai Jiaxuan can not bear to have an accident xiancao, that he has feelings for her, is also so for Xiancao.Xiancao is the daughter of wu shopkeeper in the mountain medicine shop.Wu shopkeeper to become rich to rely on the grace of the old white family generation.To wu shopkeeper, one cent bride price do not marry the daughter to the white family, may be out of gratitude for the purpose of the plan, but, to xiancao is not.Xiancao knows Bai Jiaxuan, and must know his story.When wu shopkeeper made her to bai Jiaxuan do seventh room daughter-in-law, xiancao and not because of his “life hard gram wife” resistance, that xiancao is like Bai Jiaxuan, which can also be confirmed from their wedding night.That night, xiancao did not have the common bride’s shyness and anxiety, but was very natural, natural as if they had known this was their home.She calmly took off her long sleeves and trousers and lay down beside Bai Jiaxuan.Mother because of love daughter, please judge practice, so xiancao body with six small mahogany hammer exorcise evil.However, when Bai Jiaxuan compromise in the “ghost” and 100 days taboo, promised her to go to the deer three long workshop to stay, but xiancao pulled back to him.In the original work, the immortal grass hesitates for a moment and suddenly jumps off the kang, etc.’She called to him, dragged him through the door again, turned over to fasten the latch, and pulled the sheet from under his arm….One by one he tore off six sticks from his belt…Lying naked on the kang, I would willingly die if I got up tomorrow morning!'” in knowing that Bai Jiaxuan “life hard ke wife” need to comply with the 100-day about to protect themselves, xiancao resolutely pulled back bai Jiaxuan, this will undoubtedly put his death.This is reluctant to bai Jiaxuan wronged, do not want to accept buckle in Bai Jiaxuan head “poison male” hat, she did not want to be in two people love life began, on the shadow.Xiancao is a transparent woman, she knows what kind of life and love she wants.She gave her life to show Bai Jiaxuan that when you rush to me, I am also willing to rush to you regardless of everything.02 for Bai Jiaxuan to keep the warmth of home “celebrating the day although warm but after all short, intoxicating is more enriched in the future.After Xiancao married Bai jiaxuan, “Bai Jiaxuan immersed himself in the ancient and fresh and lively music, all his muscles and bones and blood swelled up”, and his life changed from then on.After he made his fortune with poppy seeds brought from the mountains, he learned to compromise and fulfill his benevolence and righteousness, setting a good example in dealing with people.He renovated the ancestral temple and opened a school, contributing to the cultural cause of White Lu Village.As a result, Bai Jiaxuan’s position as the patriarch was stable and supported by the villagers. Whenever he made any motion, “he got a wow response.”Bai jiaxuan’s authority and position were not affected even if dynasties changed and his family suffered misfortune.Although this has bai Jiaxuan’s own character, but also has xiancao more than half of the credit.It is often said that behind every successful man there is a great woman.Bai Jiaxuan can be rich, because xiancao for him to defend the rear, to avoid the “backyard fire”, so that his heart without obstruction in the outside struggle.Xiancao is good at dealing with family affairs. She not only knows her priorities, but also knows how to advance and retreat.First into the White House, xiancao very well handled his relationship with her mother-in-law Bai Zhao.Since cotton was not grown in the mountains, xiancao could not spin and weave at first.However, she is “very decent people”, study hard, mother-in-law is also very filial, obedient and clever, let do what.This makes the mother-in-law very satisfied, also very value to the herb.After giving birth to Xiaowen, “Xiancao enjoyed the meticulous care of her mother-in-law, Bai Zhao, with ease.”In that mother-in-law is greater than the day of the era, xiancao and no humble and refuse to take care of her mother-in-law, this is the wisdom of xiancao.When others pay for us, know how to accept, accept, rather than blindly refuse to try to be brave, this is great wisdom.Old people are afraid of losing their value and becoming useless.Xiancao practice, let Bai Zhao is very happy, she felt that although her daughter-in-law has entered the door, but he is still an indispensable person.It would be a mistake to assume that Xiancao is a person who loves pleasure.She knows that relying on others is temporary, but relying on herself is forever.When bai Ling was born, Xiancao was at home alone.She was not in the least disturbed. “When the fog around her eyes had cleared and the light had returned, she could feel something hot moving in her pants.Instead, she calmed down, got off the loom with her hands in her crotch, and walked slowly across the yard.”She put her head down and took hold of the bloody umbilical cord.She took the slime out of his mouth and he said, ‘Wow!'”In this way, xiancao delivered his own baby.Her performance surprised Even Bai Jiaxuan.After all, the white family in the local is big, if xiancao told her husband in advance, let her mother-in-law Zhao bai at home, or find a midwife in the home can do, but, xiancao did not trouble the family, she thinks, giving birth to children is common, men should go to busy men.Xiancao was “cruel” to himself, but he was not cruel to his daughter-in-law.When Bai Jiaxuan worried that Xiaowen did not cherish her body and asked Xiancao to “show her ears” to her daughter-in-law, Xiancao agreed, but she thought more carefully, she said: “I can’t say this.I’ll tell our mother to show her grandchild’s wife a good ear. It doesn’t matter if she’s gentle or serious.”Sencho knows he’s not the best person to do this.She let Bai Zhao to come forward to persuade sun daughter-in-law, because she knows, if the relationship between oneself and daughter-in-law is stiff, there is no room for turning around, and Bai Zhao as an ancestor, but no matter the weight of speech will not be blamed by the younger generation.Therefore, when Baek Cho, who does not speak when she does not speak, instructs her granddaughter-in-law, Xiancho pretends to know nothing and acts as a good man.The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been a family problem, but xiancao can handle the relationship with her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law just right, it has to be said that she is a woman who knows the situation and has a pattern.Some people say that women are the best “feng shui” for a family.Because of xiancao in the home of various acts, just let the white family harmony, also let Bai Jiaxuan from worries, heart for his “glory” busy.Bai Jiaxuan and Wu Xiancao’s mutual help and peace were finally disrupted by a plague.”White Deer Plain is once again in the grip of a devastating disaster.An unprecedented plague spread through all the original villages, large and small…Without shelter, without defense, all the people of the village, men and women, children and old, rich and poor, shuddered at the unconquerable catastrophe.”Bai Jiaxuan fell into extreme fear, he insisted that all his family except himself go out to escape the terrible disaster.Who bear, when he left, xiancao has gone back, she does not say the reason, just do not go, stay down.When only the two of them were left, a word of fairy grass made Bai Jiaxuan sad.She said to him: “How can I leave you alone?Am I worth more than you?”It is often said that husband and wife are like birds in the same forest.However, in the heart of xiancao, Bai Jiaxuan is his husband, two people have already integrated into an organic whole, she and he both want to share happiness, more to share difficulties, so, she chose to stay, with her husband to face the disaster.Immortal grass said: “If this room must go only one person, only me.”So, when Bai Jiaxuan said that he was a waste, and death will not let go because who is important, vanilla covered his mouth to prevent him from saying unlucky words.When disaster comes, Xiancao’s love for Bai Jiaxuan is that she would rather die for him, because in her heart, Bai Jiaxuan is more important than herself.On their wedding night, She never forgot what Sencho said, I will not regret even if I die the next day.She and Bai Jiaxuan lived happily for most of her life, now, the family business is prosperous, children are ambitious, four generations of the same family, in her heart, his life has earned.So, god knows when he caught the plague, immortal grass just said to himself sadly: “NO me, no me now!”In Bai Jiaxuan panic, xiancao seems very calm.When she was sure of her own death, she still cooked for Bai Jiaxuan in a different way. In the interval between running to the hut, she calmly took the scissors and cut her own shroud, until finally she had sewed the cloth for her feet in place and fell to the ground on her head.Xiancao said to Bai Jiaxuan with a gentle smile: “I said I’d go first. I’ll take your place when I go. This is good.”Until the last moment, xiancao is still thinking about Bai Jiaxuan, the only regret that she is, after his death, no one to cook for Bai Jiaxuan.Bai Jiaxuan held a glimmer of hope for herb medicine and decocted.Xiancao knew there was no cure for the plague, but she did not want her husband to regret it, so she took the bowl and drank the medicine in one gulp, and suffered the pain of vomiting that followed.If you stay, you may die.Xiancao could have obeyed Bai jiaxuan and gone out to avoid the plague, but she chose to stay and face death.If one person had to die, She said, she wanted it to be her.This is what she said, this is what she did, she traded her life for Bai Jiaxuan’s life.Write in the end: people to middle age, many couples have become “brothers”, originally close two people gradually separated from you and me.However, the old grass of Bai Jiaxuan’s feelings are still hot, for Bai Jiaxuan she would rather give up their own.Because, with the hand of your son, and grow old together.Because her eyes are all about him.In the original work of White Deer Plain, the author did not write much about fairy grass.However, Xiancao is the core character of bai Jiaxuan’s life.Read the grass, we read love.In xiancao’s love for Bai Jiaxuan, the true meaning of love is hidden.Love goes both ways.Xiancao to Bai Jiaxuan gave up the taboo “principle” and the bottom line, holding the heart of death, bravely into this relationship.Love is independence and fulfillment.In life, xiancao did not cling to Bai Jiaxuan like a vine.She has her own thing to do.She knew that if she did a good job, she would help each other.Love is when EVEN in the face of death, I still have eyes only for you.When disaster came, Sencao did not choose to flee, she and her husband stood together to face the wind and waves.Because of the existence of love, even in the face of death, she can still calm, do not panic.People often say, love is you make my life, I warm you for a lifetime.Xiancao with female unique gentle warmth of Bai Jiaxuan’s life, but also to fulfill the glory of Bai Jiaxuan.Bai Jiaxuan is lucky, his success is due to the protection of the feng Shui woman xiancao.Xiancao is also lucky, she met the man she likes, so she is willing to pay.Their love is not luxurious, it is the appearance of ideal love.May the world be like them, not only meet the beloved, but also for the beloved to pay all, help each other, do the best “feng shui” each other.Author: Brilliant flowers with pictures: Diffuse tea editor: Hanxu original is not easy, please do not copy!If you also have emotional experience want to talk, can private small make up a message.Copyright by Xuchang Longjing Culture Communication Co., LTD. 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