1.35 billion people have this card!Can you use it?

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The social security card is a voucher for people to enjoy employment, social security and other rights and interests. It is an important carrier of government services for people’s livelihood. More than 1.35 billion people in China have social security cards.How does it work?A small card can do a lot with a Social Security card,Ginseng can be registered, account inquiry, explain get, transfer of social relations, treatment of certification such as social security card can realize “across the province to do” social security card and employment business card with a social security card of the unity of CARDS can also be to deal with unemployment to register enjoy employment service social security card is a card now social security card is loaded the financial function you can leave your social security card is used as a regular bank card to deposit, withdrawals, transfers and consumption, and you can use your social security card to receive pension, unemployment, workers’ compensation benefits, employment subsidies, migrant wages · · · · · · simplified the application procedure and a lot of places the corresponding huimin subsidy funds through the social security card bank account to avoid collecting intercept social security card is a card to see a doctor to buy medicine, the social security card settlement in reducing queue.You can use your social security card to take public transport, borrow books, visit parks and enter museums… How to apply for a social security card in smart cities?● Applicants can apply for social security cards by themselves through social security card service institutions or online service platforms, to the local human resources and social security departments for social security cards, or through employers, schools and social security card service banks to submit application for handling information and on behalf of the application.When applying for social security card, the local human resources and social security department shall arrange the application or the applicant shall choose the service bank of social security card within the scope of the local cooperative bank of social security card.● Entity social security card is generally realized in the province across the city offline processing.Most areas also opened the entity social security card online application services, the masses can submit applications through the online service entrance, card area business card printing after the completion of the mail to myself.By the end of 2021, social security card application, use, replacement, temporary loss report, business card printing progress inquiry five services across the country.● National government service platform, The State Council client wechat mini program, electronic social security card mini program, electronic social security card APP, handheld 12333APP and other national channels;● Apps of human resources and social security departments at all levels and local governments, banks of Industrial, rural, China, Construction, Communications, Postal savings, Merchants and Ping An, as well as local social security card cooperative bank APPS;● Alipay, wechat, cloud flash payment and other Internet channels.How do I activate my Social Security card?The social security card has social security functions and financial functions. Before using the social security card, you need to enable the social security function of the social security card.If you receive employment subsidies and pensions through your social security card, you need to activate your financial function.The social security function is usually enabled by the staff when the card is issued, or the social security password can be modified before the card is used for the first time, or the social security card can be enabled through the inter-provincial service after receiving the social security card.In some areas, it can be enabled online or remotely through mobile APP, website, 12333 phone and other means.Financial function activation, generally need to hold a valid id card and social security card at the bank counter, the same bank branches can be activated.For elderly, seriously ill, disabled and other special persons with mobility difficulties, on-site services can be provided according to relevant procedures.Source: According to shaanxi Xianfeng wechat comprehensive collation