The first series is all T2 rated, zero bad reviews

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The source program:All T2 level all zero bad review hero alliance has many series of skin, in general, want all of them are high praise, is really quite difficult, because there are many series of skin, although recent skin effect is good, but the old version of the special effects are very poor, of course, there are some skin is more special, designed is all of them are good skin,For example, what do you think of the original project skins?Do you feel like all of them are T2 level skins, all of them are zero bad rating skins, especially kensei’s source plan skin has been nerfed many times, but it’s still great?Dark star: also be top grade skin dark star series of skin has a more obvious advantage, it is the skin design of this series is quite late, and just when designing this series of skin, it is the peak period of fist design skin level, so these skin everybody also feel is top grade skin?Play below the mobile tour view attack end 呺211 mobile tour access.Although some skin feel, may not be particularly good, but if you look at the special effects, you should find that all are good skin, the most obvious feature of this detail skin is good special effects.Slew a dragon: I liked personally, I prefer slew a dragon, or how to train your dragon series of skin, because the skin has a very good dragon effects, each skin more or less has elements of the dragon, on the skin, so this series skin must also not bad, personally, I prefer the two slew a series of skin is the pantheon and the gem of the skin.Gera’s skin, in particular, looks great, even better when the big move is thrown, combined with the small effects.Star swept: each is good star swept series skin should also be very good, so this skin we think which one is the best?My personal favorite is certainly the voidwalker, card advantage of skin, because the skin is the lue star series of a peak, other skin even better skin than the skin almost a little, let alone card advantage, for now, this is the only a skin is better, so like to play card advantage of players don’t hesitate,It is, after all, a hero’s skin.West: the key is to feel good west series is also a more skin series of skin, because fist since the design of this series of skin, in recent years basically every year will be a few skin, so we think this series of skin which is relatively better?Is it ice Shooter, or is it Hollylance ranger?Basically, people especially like the skin of the holy gun ranger. After all, the special effects of this skin should be understood.It feels like every change makes this skin a little more handsome and definitely a skin worth taking off.KDA: That goes without saying. What about KDA skin?Although the quantity is not very large, the quality of each skin is very good. I think one of the main reasons is that this skin is positioned as a girl group.Maybe the designer of The fist saw too many dance movements of the girl group, so he decided to create his own girl group on a whim. Do you think every skin model and special effects in this series are very beautiful?It is also a whole range of T2 skins.