The moushan town of Jurong has launched a “cloud worship + proxy worship” activity

2022-05-29 0 By

Yangtse Evening News network on April 2 (reporter Zhang Lingfa correspondent Liu Ya Yuan Lei) swallows come to the new agency, pear behind qingming.At this time of remembrance, memorial and mourning, it is also a special time to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.Maoshan Town of Jurong organized the Network Chinese Festival — Tomb-sweeping Day “cloud worship + cloud worship” activities, villages actively promote the “cloud worship + cloud worship” mode, and strive to create a good atmosphere of “changing customs, civilized worship, green Qingming, cultural Qingming”.On the morning of April 2, jurong Maoshan town organized some party members representatives to the town martyrs monument to carry out a concentrated worship activities.After the strict implementation of the “two tests and one test”, people bowed, observed a moment of silence in front of the monument to the heroes, and offered flowers in turn, and paid tribute to the martyrs and consoled their souls on behalf of the families of martyrs and retired soldiers.The event further remembered the revolutionary martyrs, strengthened the sense of responsibility, made everyone more deeply understand that today’s happy life is not easy, and effectively enhanced everyone’s sense of responsibility and mission.Another spring grass green, another year qingming.On February 2, maoshan Town Chuncheng Experimental School used the class team to organize the whole school “online memorial to heroes, cloud to send condolences” activities.Through online memorial services and cloud memorial services, we will vigorously create a strong atmosphere of advocating heroes, learning from heroes, defending heroes and caring for heroes, and further guide primary and secondary school students to carry forward the great spirit of patriotism, remember the revolutionary ancestors, remember the glorious history, set up lofty ideals and strive to be new people of The Times.”Epidemic” in the present, “affection” in the heart!Carry forward the new trend, you and I walk together.Different ways of mourning, the same deep memory.Proofreading Su Yun