Beijing: Establish a whole-process inspection mechanism for imported cold chain food into Beijing

2022-06-03 0 By

Source:Xinhua News Agency xinhua Beijing, April 8 (xinhua wu Xu) from Beijing COVID journalist 8-19, epidemic prevention and control work news conference in Beijing, based on a “cold chain” of Beijing platform to realize online booking before import cold-chain food into Beijing, besides the sweep yards in 26 xi road shall check the nucleic acid testing negative certificate and disinfection,After entering Beijing, the first station of cold storage acceptance storage information management.According to Tang Yunhua, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Market Supervision, Beijing has been carrying out regular monitoring and early warning of “people, property and environment” in the market.Since March, a total of 180,400 nucleic acid samples have been taken from food and packaging of various types, 2,993,900 cases have been taken from key production and business environments, and 7,698,500 cases have been taken from employees and co-residents.At the same time, the Beijing market regulatory authority adjusted the frequency of nucleic acid tests for employees in catering service units from “one test every seven days” to “one test every three days” for employees in central kitchens and group dining distribution units, and “one test every five days” for employees in other catering service units.Since April 1, 190 cold chain food transport vehicles have been successfully booked, and a total of 1,029 batches of goods have been booked and passed the inspection in Beijing.Tang yunhua said that since April 1, Beijing market regulatory authorities have also implemented the Beijing Healthbao pop-up prompt for imported cold chain food workers who have not completed the nucleic acid test “one test per day” to accurately identify those at risk.As the next step, starting from April 10, the Beijing Healthbao pop-up prompt will continue to be implemented for employees in food wholesale markets and farmers’ markets who have not completed the “two days and one test” of normal nucleic acid testing.(after)