One of hainan Spring Festival customs, is also the most important event of the year, you celebrate the Spring Festival like this

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There are temples in every village in Hainan, and also in the streets of the city.As the most important activity of the year, most Hainanese people start and end the year by worshiping ancestors in temples.And there are several big days in a year to worship ancestor worship, such as New Year’s Day, the 15th day of the first month, Qingming festival, Dragon Boat Festival, gongqi, etc..One of them.During the Spring Festival, one of the traditional customs of Hainan Spring Festival is to burn incense and pray for ancestors.On the first day of the lunar New Year yesterday, I walked into haikou Fucheng Xuanda Square Fire Thunder Temple, ready to pray for incense.I thought a incense, but was told by the temple uncle to burn 24 incense.There are three censers in front of the shrine, three on the right side of the worship incense place, three on the two censers in front of the door, and finally three on the right side of the earth temple shrine and censers, a total of 24.Behind the seemingly complicated incense burning process, there are profound cultural origins.Such as the shrine before the three pillar incense is to the temple three gods, worship heaven incense is to the god of heaven.Every place is taken care of, never careless, nor favoritism.Xuanda Fang Fire Thunder Temple Lord Lady Xian, is said to have been built in the early Tang Dynasty, a long history, rich culture, formerly known as fire Thunder Temple.Lord fire Thunder lady, rescue marshal.In order to make huolei Temple into a humanistic base of “praying to exorcise evil spirits and restore integrity, benefiting all people, digging cultural essence and promoting patriotism and the spirit of loving the people”, huolei Temple was renamed “Huolei Saint Niang Temple”.The main temple structure for a three-eye hall structure, that is, a three-eye and three gaps.Each empty block is installed with a wooden board, the middle board is: should be obvious.The left and right plaques are: “a woman heart” “ten thousand years of clever light”.Worship old woman ancestral to look back at ease, set up “smart and clever” tablet.Enter the door, set a couplet: that is, soft and hui suppression chaos and the unity of the people’s Dimension, both fire also thunder exorcism evil fuzheng bless eight.Fire thunder saint Niang temple east wall set a board, introducing pozu’s life story, title, etc.In addition to the introduction of Lady Xian, there are also some ancient books to borrow.During the Chinese New Year, it is worth taking a walk, offering a few incense sticks and making a good wish for the coming year. The life of the New Year officially begins.