Surprise!Guangzhou’s new star has been doing well this season, scoring goals in a row but missing the new national youth training camp

2022-06-03 0 By

A few days ago, the national youth team coach Cheng Yaodong announced a new training list.In this list, a number of outstanding performance in the league nova, all selected.The only surprise for Guangzhou fans was that Tan Kaiyuan, who performed well in the league last season, did not make the team.Tan Kaiyuan on behalf of Guangzhou team in the Chinese Super league, many times can suddenly good shooting performance, or even consecutive goals.Many fans regard Tan kaiyuan as the best player in China after 01, believing that he will become a regular player of the National brand.So the national Youth team coach Cheng Yaodong did not choose to let Tan Kaiyuan into the National youth team, so that many fans do not understand.Ling Jie, the new star of evergrande after 01, was selected to the National Youth Team. Why didn’t he be selected?Some rational fans think tan kaiyuan is not injured, and then did not join the national team.Tan, who broke into guangzhou’s first team in the 2020 season, was struggling with injuries just as his career was beginning to blossom.Tan kaiyuan’s unexpected injury brought his rapid rise to an abrupt end, which made many fans feel very sorry for it.Fortunately, Tan Kaiyuan did not give up, he chose to come back this season by tenacious perseverance.So in this case, Tan Kaiyuan has become the focus of guangzhou team training nova.The reason why Tan kaiyuan was not selected to the National youth team when he scored a series of goals in the league may be that he suffered from injury problems.In addition, Tan Kaiyuan failed to select 01 National youth team there is another reason, it is his technical and tactical characteristics may not meet the requirements of Cheng Yaodong.Every coach has his own preferences, including Cheng Yaodong is the same.Cheng Yaodong may feel tan Kaiyuan ability and performance is really good, but not in line with their tactical requirements.So Cheng Yaodong after a comprehensive consideration, decided to let Tan Kaiyuan temporarily failed to select the new phase of the national youth team training list.The national Youth Team has a mission to compete in the Olympic Games, which means the door of the national youth team will not be completely closed to him.As long as Tan kaiyuan continues to perform well in the game, then 01 National Youth Team will open the door for him.As Tan Kaiyuan, to become the core of the 01 National youth team, is his dream.It is every player’s dream to play for his country, and it is the same for Tan.Although temporarily not selected by the National Youth team is a heavy blow to him, it will not affect tan Kaiyuan’s state of mind and state.We believe tan kaiyuan will continue to bring great performances and goals to the fans when he represents Guangzhou in the Chinese Super League and FA Cup in the new season.Cheng Yaodong will continue to pay attention to Tan Kaiyuan, choose the right opportunity in the future, will recruit him to the National youth team.