In the film Changjin Lake, Chen Kaige took the aesthetics of film to the extreme

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IQIYI youth director created reality show “the shot” is now broadcast nine period, and next week for MSC, look down nine edition, the deepest impression is definitely a director Chen kaige in the hit the nail on the head awake to speak in the program and to the expression of movie aesthetics, which make people sigh like an interesting and material of movie master class!In a promotional video released before the program’s launch, Director Chen Kaige once said, “The first step of a film director’s job is to achieve realism, and the second step is to go beyond realism. The process of making a film is actually creating a dream. A director is a dream maker.In Legend of the Demon Cat directed by Clicher, we have indeed seen beyond realistic expression and powerful “dream making” ability, but also the sense of epic created by director Clicher and the expression of traditional Chinese aesthetics.Can always see the song in the show director hit the nail on the head of sincere advice and extremely romantic poetic film aesthetic expression, the second phase of the shot, director of the film “brake” director Chen kaige comments on desert, advised him to the end of the story part skater boy to set foot on the board to add back, take this message to open a new life, hope to the audience,Let the audience feel that “life is beautiful”, not only sublimates the theme of the film, but also gives the best expression of the film aesthetics.In contrast, director Chen kaige movie works for the expression of movie aesthetics is to an extreme, such as film “long jin lake” in a scene is impressive, a young women took off his red scarf, hard into the speeding cars, and accidentally received by the recruit WuWanLi, this in the sky. A bright red and round of beautiful huan of the Great Wall and so on,There are not too many special effects rendering, not to mention many lines of expression, are the most simple and simple way to convey to the audience a broad mood.The outstanding feature of Chen Kaige’s films is that he continues an aesthetic concept put forward by Lao Tzu — big sound and invisible elephant.Film critic Luo Wangji commented that Chen kaige “is lucky for Chinese films because of his existence”.In the program “Let’s Start shooting”, we not only saw Chen Kaige’s sincere help to young directors, but also saw his strong love for films. We are looking forward to hearing more wonderful film master class from Director Kaige in the closing period next week.