Jeep’s new commander redefines off-road + Life

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“Off-road sentiment” is the impression Jeep has left to the outside world. This personality has both made Jeep successful and trapped the 80-year-old Jeep. 80 years may be boring and boring for anything, but for Jeep, 80 years of wind and rain have made it full of legend, increasingly young and dynamic.The upgrade of the deep pedigree gives Jeep new product series new vitality.Jeep’s new commander recombines life, technology and off-road spirit, making off-road no longer just for a small number of people.From the Jeep Wrangler 4XE to the Jeep New Grand Commander E plug-in hybrid, Jeep is trying to combine off-road hard driving with electrification innovation.In the first 80 years, Jeep showed you the world. In the last 80 years, Jeep shared the world with you.It’s an all-electric JeepJeep with a new grand Commander that comes in two power configurations, regular fuel and plug-in hybrid.The gasoline version of the Jeep new grand commander is equipped with the gme-t4 2.0t engine, which is the same fuel engine as the Jeep global o-class SUV wrangler, with 195kW of maximum power and 400 nm of maximum torque.The meticulously refined ZEF 9AT makes the new Jeep Grand Commander, weighing more than two tons, look anything but sluggish on the road.The engine integrates eight black technologies such as “in-cylinder direct-injection, integrated water-cooled medium-cooling, cooled EGR, integrated exhaust manifold” to achieve a perfect balance of performance/fuel consumption/emissions, and has perfect data performance. Even the low-power version of two-drive has exceeded many German and Japanese brand models.So Jeep’s new grand Commander stands out in terms of power in its class.Some say Jeep’s New Grand Commander E plug-in hybrid is as mobile as a car.On the basis of this power, it can also achieve 70km pure electric endurance and 900kMmaximum endurance, and the comprehensive fuel consumption can be as low as 1.6L/ 100km.For the price of one, for the value of two, it combines SUV performance and PHEV efficiency to save fuel without affecting off-road.At the same time, it is worth noting that after comprehensive innovation of the power system, Jeep New Commander’s three-core collaborative hybrid technology has been awarded full marks by the ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Agency of the United States, and its comprehensive performance is in direct competition with its competitors with a cost performance higher than that of its peers.In the Jeep xinda commander e plug-in electric hybrid version of the battery safety, the adoption of “super” 5 advanced battery technology, high energy density, long service life, strong environmental adaptation, strict process standards and ultra stable self-check protection at a suit, also far above industry standards of battery safety indicators, dispel security concerns.As a result, there are two versions of Jeep’s new grand Commander that will be right for you.Because in terms of power fuel consumption, endurance, safety and environmental protection, and scientific and technological innovation, it is far ahead in the same class of models within 300,000, so such a cost-effective and large-sized SUV can open a new world on the road, do you not move?The newly launched Jeep New Commander not only has outstanding performance among its competitors at the same level, but also caters to the rapidly growing electric market and satisfies consumers’ emerging demands for technology and intelligence in the process of a new round of consumption upgrading.Nearly 80 active and passive safety technology configurations, including ACC adaptive cruise system with take-away stop function, FCW front collision warning system, etc.What needs special attention is that Jeep’s new Internet of Vehicles system has added functions such as vehicle location query to the original configuration, which can realize automatic positioning, one-click alarm, provide professional rescue and help at the first time, and provide Wi-Fi access function. The new generation Uconnect human-computer interaction system,CarPlay/CarLife mobile connectivity is also supported.In fact, Jeep’s New Grand Commander’s Uconnect vehicle is the most advanced vehicle vehicle system ever built by Stellantis, with five times the processing speed of its predecessor.As a result, more features can be added to the system, and 8.4 inches, OTA upgrades, voice, and user configuration are all standard features.There has always been a voice in the market that “Jeep does not understand consumers”, and suVs with off-road capability are poorly adapted to urban scenes. The key to this problem lies in how to solve users’ pain points while meeting users’ needs.As the first domestic model with the application of a new generation of Uconnect human-computer interaction system, the SUV with strong off-road ability can also be very simple and intelligent, and enjoy a luxurious technological configuration at an accessible price.Similarly, the combination of double soundproofed glass, leather seats and Harman Kardon sound system gives the grand Commander an in-car experience that impresses both sincerity and performance.A true fusion “cross-country + life” car from the first generation product, Jeep xinda commander will target users to the elite of society, and the “85 after” the middle of the crowd as the main consumer, at the same time will be “professional urban SUV” as a representative of this kind of travel demand of consumers, so professional urban SUV?According to data, today’s middle class is experiencing the “5+2+7” new mode of travel, that is, 5-day work, 2-day weekend, 7-day short vacation.However, the intensified purchase restriction policies in tier 1 and 2 cities make it more difficult to buy a second car. At the same time, off-road products have long emphasized hard style while ignoring comfortable pain points, isolating a large number of consumers.It’s important to have a vehicle that truly combines urban road ride, fuel economy, and all-road passability, and Jeep’s new Grand Commander is breaking that stereotype.As a brand with the World War II Willis SUV as its spiritual totem, Jeep has been adhering to the pure SUV pedigree and professionalism in the 80 years since its birth. It has always focused on the precipitation and evolution of all-road technology, and obviously has self-requirements beyond the general standard for its products’ driving ability on non-paved roads.Now, the new car is equipped with the new generation of lightweight Active Drive intelligent four-wheel Drive system and the leading selec-Terrain ® all-terrain mode selection system. The four modes of “Auto/Snow/Sport/Sand & Mud” can be easily switched with one click under any road conditions.Regardless of weather conditions, road conditions, or changes in driving behavior, the system automatically and seamlessly switches from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive in 0.2 seconds. The real-time dynamic distribution of torque not only improves grip, but also provides extremely fast access to four-wheel drive to maintain vehicle stability even in snow and ice conditions.Jeep New Commander follows the SAFETY CAGE body concept of the global standard, and simultaneously applies high strength steel and ultra-high strength steel. The ratio of high strength steel and ultra-high strength steel on the body of the vehicle reaches 76% between 270Mpa-1500mpa, among which the strength of thermoforming steel over 1300-1500mpa reaches 13%.This means that one square centimeter can withstand about 13 tons of pressure.At the same time, the front seat supports 12-way electric adjustment, the passenger seat is equipped with boss key, the third row seat supports three Angle adjustment, every driver and passenger can change the sitting position at any time, to resolve the sedentary fatigue.The leading large trunk space, as well as the bow and arrow type two-color suspended luggage rack on the roof, will be able to travel and camping equipment, so that a new way to travel can be realized.Nearly a year SUV market still maintains a high growth rate, 200,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan is still the mainstream SUV models to contend for.And before this interval, pure German department and the United States department product separation phenomenon is very obvious.Based on the original product attributes, Jeep’s new Grand Commander once again improves the configuration of previous models, which not only reflects the ability to pass all road conditions, but also makes it easier for consumers to accept with its features of high value and high configuration.With the arrival of Jeep’s new commander, the high-priced market pattern of China’s mainstream SUV is bound to be broken.Today, the entry price of Jeep’s new Grand Commander has dropped to 239,800 yuan, completely breaking the previous consumption concept of “high price equals high match” and making 250,000 yuan the core market of the new generation of medium and large 7-seat SUVs.Guangqi FICK Yunnan Yifei Jeep4S store sales hotline: 0871-6833 94334S Store address: Kunming Gaofengxiaotun Automobile City, Yunnan Province (no. 2 door straight inside 100 meters)