Beijing-tianjin-hebei “3+N” orthopaedic procurement alliance set, linked to henan and other 12 provinces of collective procurement prices

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Another alliance gathering is about to begin.On February 9, Beijing Medical Centralized Procurement Service Center, Tianjin Medical Procurement Center and Hebei Medical Device Centralized Procurement Center jointly released the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei” “3+N” Alliance orthopedic trauma medical consumables belt quantity linkage procurement and use work plan.The in varieties of supporting bone plate and screw, intramedullary nail and accessories, such as hollow, hollow screw orthopaedic trauma medical consumables, including bone plate and form a complete set of screw system, intramedullary nail and its accessories system, which is divided into ordinary bone plate system, for locking compression plate system (universal) and three procurement package intramedullary nail system.This is another large-scale collective procurement alliance aiming at the field of orthopedic trauma consumables, following the collective procurement alliance of orthopedic trauma medical consumables in 12 provinces including Henan.In fact, as early as January 2022, Tianjin Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau published the Working Plan for The Coordinated Procurement and Use of Orthopedic trauma Medical Consumables in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei “3+N” Alliance (Draft for Comments).It is worth mentioning that, whether it is the draft for comments or the latest official documents, the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 3+N alliance collective procurement mode specifically mentioned “linkage of Henan province and other 12 provinces orthopedic trauma medical supplies alliance with quantity purchase price”.File mentioned, in this way to bring linkage, two-way choice, namely on the basis of purchasing subject use requirements, with reference to the market overall price level, comprehensive factors such as quality, linkage of henan medical consumables, such as 12 provincial orthopaedic trauma like alliance with purchasing price, by purchasing and selling both sides choose each other, determine the selected products, according to the quantity of the subcontract, the linkage with quantity purchases.The collective procurement of orthopedic trauma medical supplies alliance in 12 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) is the same as that of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 3+N Alliance.According to the data released by the Henan Provincial Health Insurance Bureau on November 1, 2021, the decline of collective purchasing in the 12-province alliance in Henan reached more than 87%.Specifically, the price of ordinary bone plate system decreased from an average of about 4683 yuan to about 606 yuan, an average decrease of 87.05%;The price of locking (universal) pressurized bone plate system decreased from an average of about 9360 yuan to about 987 yuan, an average decrease of 89.45%;The average price of intramedullary nail system decreased from about 11687 yuan to about 1271 yuan, an average decrease of 89.12%.According to the in procurement of main body, including tianjin, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, liaoning, jilin, heilongjiang province, zhejiang, anhui, fujian, shandong, guangdong, hainan, sichuan, Tibet autonomous region, shaanxi province, gansu province, xinjiang uygur autonomous region, the xinjiang production and construction corps of purchasing alliance, the implementation of joint with quantity purchases.All public medical institutions (including military medical institutions) in the alliance area with a record of purchasing orthopedic trauma medical consumables in 2021 should participate.Other public medical institutions and social medical institutions designated by medical insurance will participate voluntarily according to relevant regulations of the region where they are located.For the products that have won the bidding in the Henan Alliance collective purchasing, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collective purchasing has made different rules, that is, the products selected in the Henan Alliance, with the selected price announced in the list of selected supply products published in the Henan Alliance as the supply price ceiling;In henan federation of selected products (excluding selected enterprises in henan union not bidding within the same purchase package products), the procurement package products to henan alliance with volume purchase secondary directory benchmark price as a benchmark, selected according to the same procurement package production enterprise on behalf of the decline of the average, to determine the secondary directory supply price ceiling,If the same product (with the same registration certificate number, product name, specification, model and material) in the same purchase package is declared in different secondary catalogs, the lowest price in each secondary catalog shall be taken as the upper limit of supply price.The document also mentioned that the supply price ceiling of the secondary catalog shall be determined for ordinary bone screws used alone, based on their benchmark price and the average reduction of selected representative products among selected manufacturers of ordinary bone plates;For hollow (hollow) screws (non-locking) used alone, the upper limit of supply price for secondary catalogue shall be determined according to the average of the reduction of selected representative products in selected manufacturers of ordinary plate and locked pressurized plate.In addition, the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster production of titanium alloy, pure titanium, stainless steel material supply price ceiling price relationship is determined according to 1:1:0.8.Within the procurement cycle, the purchaser shall give priority to the products selected for the belt linkage of orthopedic trauma medical consumables, and ensure the completion of the agreed purchase quantity.On this basis, the purchaser can purchase other orthopedic trauma medical consumables at appropriate prices in accordance with the relevant regulations of centralized procurement management of medical consumables in the province where it is located.From the time of the publication of the documents, the collective procurement related work is concentrated in mid-February to early March.Specifically, the time to define the supply area, determine the products to be supplied and fill in the proposed supply price is from 9:00 on February 10, 2022 to 17:00 on February 14, 2022.Supply area, product to be supplied and price to be supplied Time: 9:00 on February 15, 2022 to 17:00 on February 17, 2022.The collection of historical purchase data and intended purchase quantity of the purchaser shall be arranged from 9 o ‘clock, February 18, 2022 to 12 o ‘clock, February 28, 2022.The time of offering quotation for the declared products of the applicant is from 9:00 on March 2, 2022 to 17:00 on March 3, 2022;The applicant and the purchaser will make two-way selection, and the time for the selection of products and tasks will be from 9:00 on March 2, 2022 to 17:00 on March 6, 2022. The first round of confirmation shall be completed before 17:00 on March 3.Source | | jin longteng surging news editor Buy vick hot articles, in 2022 accelerated expansion of faces: the seventh batch of countries with quantity procurement, countries often start: normalized institutionalized conduct procurement quantities and high value medical consumables concentration belt, choose drug concentration belt quantity purchase quality assured?The real world tells you