“If you could eliminate one subject,” which one would you choose?Why did English fail?

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For modern students, even the opening of the double reduction policy only alleviates a small part of the pressure, and there is still as much to study and write.Earlier, there were rumors that more subjects would be added in order to make students’ study more diverse. Fortunately, it turned out to be false, otherwise students would have been better off going to school than entering the factory.In primary school also slightly easier, students learn knowledge although more, but only math, Chinese, English these three main subjects are more important.After middle school and high school, students have more subjects to study and more subjects to be tested, which makes students’ attitude towards learning change to some extent.In order to keep the students enthusiastic about the subject, the teachers of each subject also tried their best to help the students to provide results. They were very active in class and tried their best to take care of each student.But even so, students still have different preferences. Some students like liberal arts, some like science, some hate English and so on. It is difficult for students to reach a consensus on their preferences.However, when it comes to the subject they like, students will be very active and serious in learning, and can follow the teacher’s ideas, so as to get a good score.However, when you encounter subjects you don’t like, you will have some psychological resistance. Not only are you easy to slip away in class, but also the teacher’s ideas can’t keep up, leading to serious backwardness in grades and even the overall progress will slide.It is this situation that makes students have to be imaginative. If students can choose to cancel one subject, which one should they choose?Fifth: chemistry everyone should have heard of “learn physics, travel around the world”, and chemistry is also a subject that students often have problems in learning.Chemistry is a hands-on subject, and some students have strong hands-on skills, so they like chemistry very much. The reaction of mixing various substances makes students like chemistry very much.However, some students do not like chemistry, that is, chemistry has a lot of complex and difficult knowledge, and every one is fixed, once the wrong memory or filling in the wrong will be deducted points, and the chemical formula is complicated and difficult to remember, is also one of the reasons why students do not like chemistry.As one of the three main subjects for students, Chinese is a subject that students learn from the beginning of school. As our mother tongue, Chinese should be mastered by everyone.However, Chinese is also a subject that few students don’t like, because some ancient poems are really difficult to recite, it takes a lot of time and energy to learn, and it is easy to lose marks.Third place: Physics Physics requires students to have a very strong logic, and then a little bit of formula, so as to get the right answer, is a very rigorous discipline.However, the formula of physics has a variety of solutions, once do a wrong step, that the whole question is wrong, sometimes wrote down the right answer, but not a point is also common things.So, there are a lot of students feel that, if you can cancel it, it is still the physics are canceled, even if the language wrote a large also can symbolically give a few points.In many polls in the past, English has always topped the list, for no other reason than that students simply hate English and can’t remember the complicated and confusing English words.What’s more, one of the reasons why many students are not interested in English is that they have never thought about developing in English. They will not go abroad or find a foreign partner in the future. Why should they learn English?Moreover, English words, sentences and grammar are stipulated, there are few flexible use of time, basically are rote memorization, every day to recite a variety of words, later also do not use, really very nerve-racking.Therefore, in the voting, English will be one of the subjects that students most want to cancel, even if not, become an elective subject, but from primary school to high school, English is the main subject that must be learned.Mathematics is the main subject that students learn from the bottom to the big, and students love and hate it. Mathematics is certainly a subject that every Chinese student has to learn.However, the requirements of mathematics for students are really too high, learning mathematics is really a headache for students, because mathematics is a very difficult subject, requiring students to keep up with the pace of the teacher in class.Once the students stay well in class, or fail to follow a step, the whole paragraph will collapse directly, and the whole class will become foggy, clearly know the numbers, do not know the connection.Moreover, mathematics is also a test of students’ ability to understand, once the formula is not well applied, or can not understand, it is like a “nightmare”, not to use, not to analyze, it is difficult to get marks on the paper.So, math was voted in the first place by students, although some unexpected, but want to cancel math is still impossible, or study hard.Which subject would you most like to eliminate?Welcome to comment!The child’s psychological, education, character and other aspects of the puzzle, can answer your questions, I hope my suggestions can help everyone, so that every baby can grow up healthily.