Yang Weijun, former chief of the Yangyuan Public Security Bureau, was appointed deputy chief of the municipal public security Bureau

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February 7, Yangyuan County government deputy county head, county public Security Bureau party secretary, director Li Junfeng organized a party committee (expanded) meeting, the Spring Festival work during the summary and evaluation, and the current key work arrangements.Members of the Party Committee attended the meeting, and heads of 24 departments, including departments of the Bureau and xicheng Institute, attended the meeting.At the meeting, after listening to the report of the leaders in charge of the work, Li Junfeng on the current Security work of the Winter Olympics put forward “six can not relax” work requirements, one is high standing, political, ideological understanding must not relax.The 24th Winter Olympic Games have opened smoothly, but there is no need to relax and wait and see.To implement the “resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic, resolutely ensure the Safety of the Olympic Games” work requirements, to maintain the county’s social stability.Second, we must focus on ensuring stability and control.Verification and stability control should be carried out in place for directional and budding information related to stability.We should strengthen guidance and control of public opinion concerning Yang, stability and police and strictly prevent speculation.Third, we must strengthen security and promote standards. We must never relax our defense line of inspection and control.Checkpoints are the first gate for epidemic prevention and control, xi said, stressing that irregularities and uncivilized practices should be firmly eradicated and thoroughly rectified, and inspection and control tasks should be strictly enforced.Fourth, we must focus on key issues and ensure stability. We must not relax our efforts to combat and prevent attacks.In the critical period of Olympic security, public security must not be relaxed to prevent and combat crime.The implementation of multi-means association, the whole chain strike, constantly improve the current case detection rate, the people’s sense of security;We should strictly implement the “four mechanisms” for patrol prevention and control and the “one, three and five minute” quick response mechanisms, strengthen security at key locations and important infrastructure, and resolutely ensure sustained social stability.Fifth, we must not relax our efforts in epidemic prevention and control.Data related to the epidemic should be “four in place” to prevent the epidemic from entering our county, Beijing and Chongli;All internal prevention and control systems must be strictly implemented to ensure “zero importation and zero infection”.Sixth, discipline, understand the rules, team management must not relax.All levels and departments must do a good job of ideological work, overcome the war-weary mood.Comrades on duty in Chongli stick to the front line of security, and comrades at home should take the initiative and contribute.From February 7 to 8, 2022, Li Junfeng, deputy head of yangyuan County government, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Public Security Bureau of Yangyuan County, visited the civilian auxiliary police on duty at grassroots police stations and checkpoints to guide and inspect the current key work.In order to thoroughly implement the county government on fireworks strictly control the spirit of the meeting, to ensure that during the Winter Olympics our county air quality continues to maintain good, on the basis of the early propaganda, On January 31 New Year’s Eve, Yangyuan County public Security Bureau all police mobilization, go all out to continue to start yangyuan blue sky defense war.County government deputy county magistrate, public security Bureau party secretary, director Li Junfeng personally to the front line guidance.Note: On January 19, 2022, Zhangjiakou Municipal People’s Government agreed to appoint Yang Weijun as deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.