2.9T+V6, power as AMG C63, dual door, BBA who can take into account appearance level, performance

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At present, the car market is surging with wind and clouds, and every car brand tries its best to push popular models, only in this way can its brand succeed.As a representative of the new dynamic audi RS5 Coupe since its launch has always maintained outstanding performance, today we will take you to know this luxury Coupe!The new Audi RS5 Coupe has the pure race track gene of Audi Sport Quattro. The whole body exudes highly recognizable and highly tension modeling, which is very noble and futuristic.The appearance of the family body design, the appearance of the impression is particularly popular, particularly delicate.The slender hood on the front gives the body a sunken design style, and the 20-inch carbon black 5-piece wheels look stylish and sporty.The rounded hood ridges reflect a strong sense of advanced feeling and activity.The long, narrow headlights on both sides are not only recognizable, but also enhance the class of the Audi RS5 Coupe.The waist line on the side of the new car is elegant and has a sense of strength, which improves the overall sense of vitality and strength of the body. The upper and lower sides of the window are inlaid with chrome bars, and both sides of the C-pillar appear to be very rich, reflecting a strong sense of hierarchy.The new Audi RS5 Coupe is decorated with the Audi LOGO in the center of the rear, and the iconic diffusion chrome strip is used to decorate the bottom of the rear, echoing the front and back. The exhaust in the rear is a two-sided layout, making it fashionable.The exterior of the new Audi RS5 Coupe will make you fall in love with it, and when you get inside, you’ll find that the interior is even more upscale.The interior is clad in black Alcantara material, especially the steering wheel, gear shifters and center aisle flanks, which give the new Audi RS5 Coupe a strong sense of sporty and luxury, so it can succeed in the competition.The RS-style front seats are electrically adjustable and supportive, comfortable and soft to sit on, and combine handling with excellent manufacturing.As a luxury Coupe, the new Audi RS5 Coupe is equipped with a 12.3-inch virtual cockpit instrument and a 10.3-inch multimedia touch screen. The touch screen is developed based on the Android platform. The precise operation performance of the touch screen perfectly shows the excellent manufacturing process of the Audi family, which is a new understanding of the brand concept of “breaking through technology and inspiring the future”.The interior of the new Audi RS5 Coupe is ergonomic in design and functionality, continuing the elegance of the Audi family.The interior meets the diverse needs of consumers, immerses drivers in the racing atmosphere, and gives you a dynamic and comfortable travel experience.The new Audi RS5 Coupe is an integration of Audi technology, and the overall performance will not disappoint you. Equipped with a 2.9 TFSI V6 twin-turbo engine, the maximum output power reaches 331 kW, the maximum output torque reaches 600 N · m, and the 100km acceleration takes only 3.9 seconds.In order to meet the needs of car fans want speed travel.The new audi RS5Coupe comes standard with the audi quattro all-wheel-drive system with a pure mechanical central differential, plus the RS sport suspension, which can be said to be a match made in heaven for more stable handling.To sum up, the new Audi RS5 Coupe is a “gentleman of violence” in its segments, especially in terms of power.In such a fierce market environment, accurate analysis and evaluation of their own strength and ability, highlight the charm of personality and stimulate our enthusiasm for power control, if you are interested in it, please go to test drive!Zhiliao automobile original article, if you need to reprint please contact the platform