The camera records rural life

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Guangming Daily reporter Long Junyu Love Hua Guangming Daily correspondent Xu Hongyu “Friends, have you ever heard of such a folk proverb?What is the wine from Taoyuan, sugar from Chou, and bean curd from Sheojia Creek like?””Like the wall!”Today we went to a grandfather’s house, and his family was preparing to make tofu. Let’s see how tofu is made. Does it look like a city wall?Go!”These days, Liu Muhan, a fourth-grade student at Shaoshi Middle School in Taoyuan County, Hunan Province, is busy introducing her hometown food vividly in front of the camera. Her classmate wang Ziqi, a “little expert” in short video shooting, is holding up his mobile phone to take pictures.”Double minus” after the first winter vacation arrived, how to let the children understand the hometown culture, have a meaningful and interesting year?Shear Town Middle School issued an initiative calling on all students to go out and “see with your eyes, record with your camera, tell with your stories.”Teacher Guo Yunbing posted the collection of stories in his “Night Reading Group” recitation wechat group, asking students to choose their own topics.Students were extremely motivated, and soon, a batch of vivid storytelling videos “flew” to the wechat group.Guo Yunbing from the selection of outstanding narrators, Liu Muhan is one of them.Tofu is a local intangible cultural heritage with a history of more than 600 years.Traditional tools and techniques such as stone mill, iron pot, wooden basin and gauze are still used to make tofu.Entering the house of The 60-year-old Wengafan, the children focused their curious eyes and cameras on the old objects used to make tofu and began the interview with a chattering voice.Wenjiafan while busy, while happily answering the “little reporters” questions.The beans were ground into a milky juice and boiled in a large pot.The children waited patiently by the stove, waiting for a miracle to happen.Slowly, the heat rises, fresh bean fragrance overflow farmers.”Fresh soy milk out of the pot!”Vingafan scoops out the thick soy milk, spoonfuls into small cups held in each child’s hands, and the children cheer and taste excitedly.Not forgetting his work, Liu shared in front of the camera as he sipped: “It’s so different from what we drink.What is it?Taste of home!”Guo Yunbing looked at all this joyfully and told reporters: “Don’t look down upon these dolls!A few days ago, their ciba video received more than 30,000 views on the platform.”Soya-bean milk is finished, Wen Jiafan is in the big VAT of soya-bean milk to join gypsum slurry.Soon, a VAT of soybean milk solidified into tofu brain;After scooping out a bowl of bean curd to the children, Wenjiafan spread gauze on the table again, spoon the bean curd into the gauze wrapped, the wood cover pressed on the gauze, the whole square shape.Water seepage, gauze spread, a large white tender tofu made.Liu muhan took pictures of every “little surprise” and danced with his classmates from time to time.”I finally understand that tofu in my hometown is angular, heavy and solid, just like city wall bricks!”With his hands full of hot tofu, Liu muhan finally found the answer.”This winter vacation, especially harvest!What’s the next story?I can’t wait!”Wang Ziqi nods beside her and says happily.Guangming Daily (February 18, 2022 edition 01)