To start!Property management no worries, 10 sets of cool large screen template, let you win in the starting line

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Property management is labor-intensive management, including security, cleaning, equipment management and so on. In the whole process, information flow is slow and inefficient, which will increase labor costs.However, with the progress of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, owners’ demand for property management services is getting higher and higher. Competition in the property management market is getting fiercer and fiercer, with poor service quality and declining satisfaction of owners, leading to difficulties in collecting property fees.Therefore, THE BI construction and data-based operation of property is an inevitable trend, a powerful symbol of the rapid development of the property industry, and an important standard to improve the competitiveness of the brand.In this paper, we sorted out the application template of Smartbi in the property industry.If you are planning to build property BI, these templates can greatly improve the efficiency of BI deployment and provide guidance for subsequent data-based operations.Group management 01 template example 02 application scenario content of the project overview, households, checking 03 application property management personnel can fight through management diagram to check the details of the business, including the project number, contract area, annual reports, occupancy, the situation of the intelligent inspection and so on, through these data to help managers make strategic decisions.Operation management and control 01 Example 02 Application Scenarios APP Application and 400 Call center Service 03 Application Overview Operation management and control includes the use of mobile phone APPS by residents, the number of apps installed, the number of doors opened, and the success rate of doors opened.Emergency call center call status, service quality and so on, the leadership can make timely and accurate adjustments by viewing the operation situation.Call center 01 Example 02 Application Scenario Real-time monitoring of the call center and customer satisfaction survey of the call center 03 Application Overview Incoming, outgoing, call duration, and missed call data within the last 30 minutes, call details that last for more than 60 seconds, and COMPARISON of KPI indicators for customer satisfaction.By analyzing and viewing these indicators, call center managers can know the satisfaction degree of residents to property service, and timely feedback the situation to the leadership, timely adjustment and error correction.Monitoring and warning of reporting facts 01 Template example 02 Application Scenario Reporting end and details 03 Application Overview Reporting monitoring refers to recording the number of reporting, reporting completion rate, reporting within 24 hours, reporting at 2 PM and reporting details at 2 PM in different communities of the group.Including corridor light maintenance, elevator maintenance, door lock maintenance and so on.Property Charges 01 Example 02 Application Scenario Overall Charges, Charges by region, and Charges by project 03 Application Overview The property charges by region and project are displayed based on the trend and comparison, focusing on the changes and comparison of charge rate indicators.Project Management 01 Template 02 Application Scenarios Project Management, Population survey, and Energy Consumption 03 Application Overview Project management battle chart. The middle part includes the basic population information, geographical distribution, occupancy, and fire facilities and maintenance of the project.The left side includes the energy usage, the electricity analysis of different building numbers and the alarm of public facilities;The right side includes the completion of work orders, financial charges for different building numbers, and parking management.Wisdom yard 01 template example 02 application scenario for parking management, yard income statistics, vehicle in and out of the analysis summary of wisdom yard 03 application include the usage of parking space and parking fee, on this basis, also provided the pin card is accounted for and the parking lot, area, time divided by the month’s usage and income statistics.Device operation Monitoring Kanban 01 Template Example 02 Application Scenarios Device Management, device replacement and Maintenance 03 Application Overview The equipment situation of the property is marked with different colors, different abnormal proportions, and the number of reservations for stadiums and electric battery cars.Owner portrait 01 Template Example 02 Application Scenario Collecting owners’ demands and solving owners’ problems 03 Application Overview According to the analysis of owners in the community, owners’ information can be understood, and more appropriate ways can be adopted to promote the property work to improve owners’ satisfaction.Credit analysis can identify owners who are in arrears and provide targeted solutions.Public opinion analysis 01 template example 02 application scenario for collecting the owner demands, solve the problem of the owners’ 03 application overview from the various channels to collect the views of the appeal and owner, checking their emotional index to analyze the satisfaction of owner, in turn, promote property good content, timely adjustment is not very good content, in order to improve the satisfaction of owner.Through the property BI application template introduced above, the strategic work can be formulated specifically to meet the needs of owners from call center, report processing, equipment maintenance, garage management and other aspects, so as to improve the satisfaction of owners and promote the further development of property services.