A trade: “still call Chen total so see outside?I call you xiaoxi you call me a brother.”

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Many fans will ask why xiaobian is humorous and funny.The answer, of course, is to read novels every day.Today to recommend a few good and exciting novels, if you feel good, I hope you are special, handsome, charming little brother little sister to small make up the article point a praise plus a concern yo, small make up will recommend love, through, ancient pet and other theme novels every day.Today xiaobian to recommend: a deal: “Still call Chen so outsiders?I call you xiaoxi you just call me a brother “# Novel recommendation # 1:” A Sheng have Happiness “author: Fish not language Introduction: a deal, they get married.Declare in advance: only play fake drama, never really do!He said: The outside says I am tyrant. no kinsman, ruthless, so don’t fall in love with me.She said: The outside says I am the most beautiful doctor, angel in white, beautiful and kind, so don’t fall in love with me…Guide into the pit: like sitting GuangDe building of the largest private room, a table except she is a woman, the rest are men, push a cup to change, cigarette smoke, trance between she seemed to be back in a few months ago, at that time she was sitting in the room, but when she is the master, ZhongXingPengYue, and now she’s not exactly a guest, is just a guest, you must face smile apologetically.Life seemed to play a huge joke on her.”Song Xi, why are you so stupid?Here’s to President Chen.”The vice president beside her made a sound and pulled Song xi’s thoughts back to reality. She followed the line of sight of the vice president and looked to the right. On her right hand sat Chen Hao, the little east of Eida Medical Company.Recent hospital will go into a batch of imported medical instruments, appropriate amount to is not the only option, but because Moses chan like her, love pursuit, came to the hospital several times to get the whole hospital and no one I do not know and so the college, to make up her mind, think to take her to dinner, Moses chan in the face of beauty, always bad to carry the price too high.Song Xi hesitated for a while, then picked up the wine cup in front of him and smiled at Chen Hao, “Mr. Chen, I respect you.”Chen Hao looked at Song Xi, she just came from the hospital to work here, basic face without makeup, but do not know than the outside of those coquely goods beauty on how many times, he is like her this pure strength.The corners of his mouth curled, and he said aloud, “What are we?Song Xi smiles slightly, does not address what, just sent the wine cup forward again a few minutes, say: “our hospital urgently waits for this batch of medical equipment, you help more, I cheers, you are at will.”Then she lifted her head and drank half of the white wine in the cup.Chen Hao saw this with a bigger smile on his face. “I can’t help being with you now that I’m drunk.”He also drank half a glass of baijiu, accompanied by a table of heckling.Introduction: After two years of secret marriage, Lu Jianshen suddenly filed for divorce.Nanxi pinched the pregnancy test sheet in her hand: “Is there no room for turning around?What if I said I had a baby?.He said coolly, “Nanxi, I have always taken measures. Even if there is an accident, I will not leave this hidden danger.”Pit guide: “You take care of yourself.”Lu Jianshen said hurriedly and hung up the phone.”Yes, I will.”Although, he hung very fast very fast, but nanxi still heard fang Qinglian’s voice.I heard her clearly say, “Dinner by candlelight.”Four words.It’s ironic to think that on her second anniversary with her husband, he’s having a candlelight dinner with another woman.Fang Qinglian is really back!I hate to believe it, but it’s true.And that fact made her throw down her helmet and lose her army.Need not now, two years ago, she and Fang Qinglian than, had lost completely.How could she choose herself at the meeting?Just because she’s pregnant?At the moment, Nanxi was glad she didn’t say it, otherwise it was really in disgrace.Cried a little, let off steam.Nanxi calmed down a lot. Now that he had made up his mind, she chose to accept it.After the bath, she lay in bed.After a long time of tossing and turning, she was about to fall asleep when she received a telephone call from Hostian: “Jamin is drunk and rowdy. Come and bring him home.”Nanxi is wondering: he is not and fang Qinglian together spend a good night?Why are you drinking with Hostian again?Nanxi was about to say: “I have some inconvenience, you find someone to send him back!”Hostian had hung up the phone.When I called again, it was already shut down.Endure uncomfortable, Nanxi got up from bed, changed clothes, and then let the driver take her to lu Jianshen often go to the club.When she arrived, it was quiet.Lu saw was very drunk. He was sleeping on the sofa, his long legs crossed, his tie neat, his appearance as good as ever.It has to be said that some people in this world are perfect, no matter when, even if it is drunk to a complete mess can maintain good manners, just like Lu Jianshen.Introduction: Jane Zhi Yan is the granddaughter of the powerful General Jane in the capital. She is a bully, domineering and cruel concubine, whose reputation spreads far and wide in the capital.Her grandfather vomited blood in anger, in order to protect the reputation of Jane’s family, casually find a man to marry her.She was furious, and when she saw the man who was as beautiful as a god, who was so noble and full of the air of a superior, who was said to have been ‘born poor’, she was stunned.The man’s unfathomable eyes cast a glance at her, “Marry me, wronged you?”She wanted to cry. “No, no…Guide to the pit: she looked at the door she knew, and now she can not get into the inside, so she can not help but a bit lost in thought.Thinking of today’s birth, she still felt as if she were in a dream, very unreal.Because she never thought that her Jane Zhi Yan would marry off without warning.Not only so, her Jane Zhi Yan or in no wedding, no ring no proposal under the circumstances of the paste muddled besmearled forced to marry a stranger who has not met, she felt that she was more miserable than those blind flash marriage, at least people still met, after the impression to get married, and she…I have no choice.Moreover, she had not expected to spend her first day with her new husband like this, and to find no one in the house but herself.Besides, she was a bride today after all, but on her first day of marriage, her new husband refused to let her into her own room.She had known for as long as she could remember that she could not be too beautiful in looks, and that her new husband could not be swayed by the number of men who chased her.Logically speaking, men are lower body thinking of animals, even if there is no love between them, she is such a beauty in front of him he can put her when the air, that he is good or there are other reasons?However, given the man’s dismissive attitude towards her, it is not clear what the other reasons are.”Dudu dudu -” at the time of her mind wandering space, her mobile phone was ringing, she pulled back from these chaotic thoughts.She did not want to disorderly, took out the mobile phone is reflective to knot the phone, just in see that familiar caller id, today has called many times when the number, she bit her lower lip, has been looking at that number, eyes gradually flushed, is not to answer the phone.(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. 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