Japan is playing it big!After defying Putin, The Russian military sent 20 warships and Biden could only stare

2022-06-19 0 By

With the support of the United States, the Japanese government decided to intervene in the Ukraine issue and also tried to fight with Russia for control of the four northern islands.Japan’s actions provoked a backlash from Russia, which dispatched more than 20 warships and directly chose to use force to deter Japan’s actions.Japan’s military capabilities are unequal to Those of Russia, which has far more power than Japan’s, and Russia is one of the world’s only nuclear powers.Japan would never have chosen to provoke Russia at this time without us permission.According to Reuters, The Japanese government has officially said it will help the United States attack Against Russia if it attacks Ukraine.There is no strong interest between The Ukraine issue and Japan, in other words, Japan’s move is to follow and support the United States.In addition to making a statement on the Ukraine issue, Japan is also trying to take this opportunity to recapture the four northern islands.The four northern islands are now under the control of Putin’s government, and have been for years.After the outbreak of the Ukraine issue, Japan tried to put pressure on Russia to seize the control of the four northern islands.Mr Kishida’s government must have had permission from the US to do so.The U.S. hopes Japan’s actions will distract Russia from resolving Ukraine.Japan also wants to take this opportunity to further develop its military strength.On February 7th Russia sent more than 20 warships through the Soya Strait in the direction of the Sea of Okhotsk.With Russia sailing very close to Japan, the operation is clearly a warning to Japan not to act in a tense situation.The fleet includes two Of Russia’s Dreadnoughts, one of which can be armed with long-range cruise missiles and hypersonic missiles and is capable of destroying land targets.The size and attack power of the ships show that there is a huge military gap between Russia and Japan.Moreover, the fact that Russia was able to deploy such a large fleet in winter suggests that it has breached seasonal limits on its military operations, with its nuclear-powered icebreakers ensuring that its fleet can navigate the frozen seas.Judging from the sailing direction, the Russian fleet will pass by the four northern islands, which is obviously an act of asserting sovereignty.American troops are a threat to Russia, whether they are located in Europe or Japan, they are a threat.The Biden administration had no choice but to stand idly by in the face of Russia’s tough riposte.The US will not have a direct military conflict with Russia for Japan.The Biden administration will have to be careful about Ukraine as it relates to the world.So the game between the US and Russia will continue.Japan is nothing but a “passer” in the process of confrontation between great powers.Reference source for partial information: Interface news